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Summerside Commons Eco Park Leasing Guide

Atlantic Canada’s Premier Multi-Tenant 16,600 Industrial Suites Setting the New Standard on Efficiency.

Prince Edward Island's First Clean Tech Business Park

The Summerside Business Commons stands as the latest and most cutting-edge business destination, catering to companies in pursuit of clean tech innovation and sustainability.

Market Analysis on Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Demand

Are you thinking about investing in a City that’s progressive, forward-thinking, and is growing unlike ever before? This report provides all the details you need.

Summerside PEI: Powering Cleantech

A high-level overview of several key case studies of made-in-Summerside Cleantech projects and the partners we’ve made along the way

Summerside Housing Market Need and Demand Assessment

A comprehensive analysis of Summerside in terms of population, employment, indicators, and trends and how it all impacts our housing needs over the next 15 years.

Living Lab, Guidebook

A Living Lab Case Study for Connective Touch 50/50 Central ADL Heat For Less HueGO Electric Samsung Smarter Homes Stash Energy Strategic Design Our Living Lab Program makes Summerside unique. Our world class infrastructure and deep relationships make us a great real-world test bed for virtually any sort of technology. Read all about the program and our successes here.

Summerside Economic Development Annual Report 2020

2020 was a strange year for many, but Summerside still made many positive strides. Read all about them in our latest Annual Report.

The Speedway to North American Markets

Summerside is Open for Business These are for you if you are looking for an overview of Summerside as well as doing business here.

Immigrating to Summerside

Summerside has become a popular place for many newcomers from several immigration streams. If you are looking to immigrate to Summerside as an entrepreneur, have a look.

Summerside Sunbank: The Future Starts Here

Summerside Sunbank Project City of Summerside Credit Union Place – Smart Storage Demonstration Project City of Summerside Phase 2 – The BOOM Project Smart Storage Demonstration Brochure Summerside has launched several Green Initiatives for nearly two decades, but solar is relatively new. Starting in 2016, when we began a relationship with Samsung Renewable Energy, we have executed two projects. The first was a Smart Storage Project at Credit Union Place and the second, completed in Dec. 2023, is a 21MW Solar Farm on 80 acres of land which doubles as one of the City’s major well fields.

Summerside Business Commons

This new Ecologically themed business park represents the first major addition to Summerside’s industrial space stock in several decades. The Business Commons looks to add 115,000 sq ft of new space, which represents a 20% increase in our industrial inventory. Facility and leasing details are all inside.

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