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Summerside is well-known by potential investors, site selectors and business leaders. For them, it is “The City to Watch” for growth and excellence in infrastructure. The picturesque city features one of the lowest cost operating environments in Canada and is ideal for investment in state-of-the-art technology and a wide variety of other businesses.

For companies already calling it home, Summerside continues to surprise. Growth and development are nurtured by dynamic networks formed by business and community leaders. The business environment of Summerside is infused with entrepreneurial thinking and technology and innovation are embraced as a driver for innovation.

Summerside is THE SECOND LARGEST City in Prince Edward Island and the principal municipality for the western part of the island.
Summerside has a compact urban core cradled by an idyllic, rural landscape with breathtaking views. It offers a unique combination of convenience and serenity.

Among the many advantages are:

in 10 minutes
A typical home to office commute of 10 minutes. The complete absence of a stressful commute allows for flexibility in work hours and contributes to the productivity of employees.
and attractions
A redeveloped waterfront with theatres, museums, recreational facilities, restaurants, and quaint shops. This is a model family-friendly environment for entertainment and relaxation.
A continuing investment in expanding and updating municipal amenities and creating new ones. Among these are the Prince County Hospital and Credit Union Place, which delivers fitness and recreation programming as well as hosting sporting, cultural, and entertainment events.
Many local workers enjoy that they can afford the lifestyle they want, like having a single-family home with a view of the water to raise their family.

Summerside offers a diverse market and a skilled workforce. The population is expanding and changing as the city undergoes rapid economic growth.

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