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Living Lab


Summerside’s Living Lab program has established the city as a test bed for firms looking to develop market solutions with validation and full-scale deployment of products and services. It is open to companies seeking rapid results in testing and modeling for advanced deployment in the early stages of product life.

Accelerate R&D

Filling the gaps between design, prototypes, tabletop experiments, product validation, and full-scale commercialization, Summerside’s Living Lab program is capable of accelerating product/service evaluation, R&D, product testing, and integration in a real-world setting. The Living Lab consists of a sophisticated and robust environment with some of the most advanced, open, and accessible infrastructure in North America. It includes a multi-faceted electric utility, a strong renewable portfolio, fibre networks, and municipal assets rivaling any global metropolis. The prime purpose of the Summerside Living Lab is to advance innovation and create export development opportunities for participating partners.

Here’s How it Works

Summerside’s Living Lab enables companies—large and small—to work directly with the community and its unique robust infrastructure to advance their product ambitions. With ownership of its own assets, the City can make all facilities available for two-way collaboration and mutual benefit. In addition to physical assets, the Summerside Living Lab offers countless opportunities for networking with like-minded people—innovators, entrepreneurs, experts, decision makers, government officials—to further mutual interests in an open and cooperative manner.

Here are just some of the products launched from the Summerside Living Lab program:

If you’d like to join our Living Lab, simply share your project idea with us on 2 sheets of paper. Include product/service description, the services you’d need from the City, how you see your project fitting in, and when you’d like to get started.

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considering development of innovative products
in the following sectors?
  • Electric Storage & Grid Integration
  • Electric Vehicles (including Bus & Passenger)
  • Electric Car Chargers with Battery Storage
  • Security & Surveillance
  • Appliance Control
  • Residential Environmental Controls
  • Smart Home Innovation
  • Medical Home Care Solutions
  • Solar Energy Integration
  • Bio Fuel from Waste
  • Advanced IT Development
  • Interoperability for Big Data

According to KPMG international ratings, Summerside offers a low-cost operating environment

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