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Why Summerside?


Located in the scenic province of Prince Edward Island, Summerside combines the attractions and liveliness of a major centre without the challenges of a large urban city. Residents and visitors enjoy quaint shopping districts, live theatre, beautiful beaches, many restaurants, a diversified business community, and vast investment and employment potential.

Summerside boasts natural scenery, a low cost of living, high-quality public services, and varied recreational activities. There are many reasons you will love living and working in Summerside.

In recent years, Summerside has become very popular as an immigration destination. In 2015, only 2.1% of all PEI immigrants landed in Summerside. However, in 2020, that figure was 17.5%–a drastic and impressive increase!

Summerside welcomes people from around Canada and around the world with their skills, language, culture, and religion, adding to the diversity of this growing City

Locate the facilities and amenities that attract recidents and influence patterns of movement.

Located in scenic PEI, Summerside is an oasis of opportunity

Summerside Economic Development and Immigrations Services has a team of dedicated people to guide you through the BUSINESS IMMIGRATION process!

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