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Summerside Business Commons

Summerside Business Commons is the newest and most advanced business location for companies seeking a balance between sustainability and efficiency. It is where some of the most talented people converge to create and innovate in a business environment that enhances success.

Summerside Business Commons is an integrated light manufacturing/processing hub that maximizes productivity while minimizing resources. Intelligent green features, a wide array of building solutions — including facility sharing, energy and water management are overseen and managed by an experienced team of professionals who will constantly and continuously work together with the community and the environment to support a sustainable platform for tenant success.

Our approach to next generation industrial space is both different and purposeful and we know will lead to the attraction of quality industrial clients to support and grow our economy.

Summerside Eco-Park is a belief and approach that establishes a balance between social, economic and environmental objectives.
Our Goals in approaching Employment Lands within the park include:
  • Attract and provide for more progressive development
  • Develop more resilient employment areas
  • Create diverse employment base
  • Focus on high performing export focussed businesses
  • Instill and provide for Infrastructure and operational savings
  • Better integration of industrial lands into the city core for greater community benefit
  • Enhance the culture of conservation
  • Building a collaborative business community
  • Improved sense of identity through better building and public realm design
  • Minimize the environmental impact
  • Demonstrate environmental leadership and stewardship
We have designed and developed the infrastructure in the park to encourage:
Convenient linkages with adjoining businesses
Access to nearby public lands and open space
Reduction in upfront infrastructure costs including parking, storm water management and road networks
Energy Efficient Buildings
Orientated the lots to maximize building orientation to facilitate passive heating, cooling and ventilation
Energy Storage – to reduce electrical consumption and store energy on industrial scale
Promotion of Bike / Pedestrian /Travel to promote surrounding area of the park
Natural Storm water System
Shared Parking to reduce capital costs
Shared Shipping and Receiving – to reduce capital costs
Designed the lands to maximize land use efficiency and reduce development footprints including warehouse space, building clustering and shared services
This 14-acre Eco Industrial Park is located in the heart of Summerside, close to all amenities and services. It consists of Seven (7) construction ready lots ranging in size from ¾ of an acre to just over 1.5 acres. With all critical infrastructure and services already installed including shared parking, phase 3 electrical, green energy supply and storage, close to pedestrian and bike trails and recreation and service amenities make Summerside Business Commons ready immediately.

Seeking Tenants and Developers

An Eco Industrial Park is more than just a traditional Park, tenant selection and uses inside the park are as well thought out as the infrastructure design features. We are seeking Export Based Enterprise that have a disposition for sustainable, economic and environmental principles. The City’s goal is to grow small-to-medium businesses from a wide range of industries, including but not limited to:

  • Manufacturing and Value-Added Manufacturing Enterprise
  • Research and Development Enterprise in Renewable Technologies, Bio, IT related and advanced IT Systems development
  • IT Software Development Companies
  • Exportable products and service manufactured in Summerside
  • Clean Technology
  • Innovative Renewable Energy
  • Natural Health Products
  • Engineering
  • Bio-science
  • Bio-resource
  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Value-Added Food Processing
  • Food Manufacturing/Processing Cluster
  • Energy and Innovation Cluster
  • Bio Science Cluster
Summerside Business Commons Lot and Building Sizes
#1 1.59 ACRE (6,438 sq.m) 1800 sq.m. (19,375 sq.ft.)
#2 1.41 ACRE (5,690 sq.m) 1650 sq.m. (17,760 sq.ft.)
#3 0.98 ACRE (3,959 sq.m) 1500 sq.m. (16,145 sq.ft.)
#4 0.73 ACRE (2,972 sq.m) 1400 sq.m. (15,070 sq.ft.)
#5 1.36 ACRE (5,520 sq.m) 1800 sq.m. (19,375 sq.ft.)
#6 1.28 ACRE (5,180 sq.m) 1800 sq.m. (19,375 sq.ft.)
#7 1.20 ACRE (4,856 sq.m) 1650 sq.m. (17,760 sq.ft.)
To learn more about Summerside Business Commons download the brochure:

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