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Summerside is situated on an island, but offers ease of doing business, thanks to its turnkey infrastructure and connectivity. The City is connected to mainland Canada by the nearby Confederation Bridge. It is just a short drive from Atlantic Canadian and Northeastern US commercial centres. Summerside is ideally situated for commerce with modern port facilities, a private first-class airport at Slemon Park, direct access to the TransCanada Highway and over 70 commercial flights from neighbouring major airports. Summerside’s catchment area within a 3-hour drive includes:

  • 2 million people
  • 18 cities
  • 19 universities
  • 27 college campuses

Summerside’s strength not only resides in its compact geographical boundaries but also its robust municipal assets and diverse business community with export propensity. It is a perfect match for a strong nearshoring business case.

The City’s convenient time zone, dedicated labour pool, cost structures, and cooperation at all levels of government all endear Summerside to those looking to establish a North American base. By removing as many barriers as possible, business owners can be productive from their Summerside home base and sell their products wherever they please.

Surrounded by natural beauty bathed in fresh ocean air, Summerside residents enjoy exciting recreational activities, high quality public services and a low cost of living

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