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Information Technology


IT (Information Technology) is a leading growth sector in Summerside with companies engaged in all aspects of the industry from mobile video development, payroll systems, and e-health software to client service and support, and testing laboratories for product advancements.

The Word is Out

Summerside is quickly becoming recognized by investors, site selectors, and business leaders as “The City to Watch” for growth. With state-of-the-art facilities, and technology, and exceptionally supportive government bodies, Summerside continues to surprise even those businesses already calling it home.

You Make More Money in Summerside

With a wide array of incentives and labour rebate programs, the provincial and federal governments have become key allies in promoting the IT industry to North American markets and beyond. Additionally, all levels of government are committed to business success, a fact demonstrated by investments in infrastructure.

Fibre-optic Backbone

Driven by the Summerside Energy Group, fibre is being deployed in entirety to fully integrate energy and communications. Initially inspired to ensure more efficient management of diverse energy inputs, fibre is becoming a key IT enabler in Summerside and a totally open network for business.

IT SPECIALIST Training Institutions

The education and training industry on PEI provides programs to ensure the IT industry always has the talent it needs to grow. The University of Prince Edward Island leads in all key disciplines of the IT specialist, while Holland College develops programs tailored to meet specific IT tenant needs.

If your firm fits one of these profiles,
  • Small to medium-sized niche firms with a focus on development or support
  • Companies looking for a prime test bed for products as part of their R&D
  • Firms seeking an environment where like-minded companies can collaborate and innovate
  • Companies with smaller workforce requirement who could benefit from the loyalty and work ethic of Prince Edward Islanders
  • Firms searching for a state-of-the-art smart building developed with the green principles and infrastructure required by the IT industry
  • Companies that will realize meaningful benefits from the incentives and competitive costs offered in Summerside

Summerside adds acceleration to information technology at one of the lowest costs in the G7.

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