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Summerside Launches Labour Attraction Campaign

The Summerside Economic Department Office is pleased to announce the launch of our latest labour attraction campaign: “New Life. New Heights. Summerside Awaits!”
For this initiative, we’ve teamed up with BluWave-ai and StandardAero, two businesses with current hiring needs. The goal is to empower job seekers to pursue their desired lifestyle while utilizing their training and skills in a small city with ambitious opportunities.
This campaign stems from 2018, when skilled labour became one of the top three concerns for businesses in Summerside. To support the growth of Summerside and address our companies’ labour requirements, we created this website after extensive discussions and research.
The most effective way to foster growth in a city is by generating and fulfilling meaningful employment opportunities. Despite Summerside having these available jobs, a common challenge we face is raising awareness about our opportunities and achievements.  With intense competition for labour, it’s crucial that we stand out and tell a compelling story.
In today’s world, factors such as company values, opportunities for contribution, and having leisure time for hobbies are just as important as the job offer itself. That’s why a significant part of this campaign involves employers and employees speaking directly to job seekers, where employers talk about topics that include company mandates and employee growth, and employees share how they are living their best life and making an impact.
Today’s job seekers are looking for environments where they can develop their skills and find fulfillment in their roles. Given their increased willingness to relocate for the right opportunity, launching a campaign like this is ideal.
On the website mentioned above, visitors can explore information about businesses, listen to stories, watch videos testimonials, access statistics, learn about Summerside, and browse through galleries. In terms of taking action, visitors can browse job openings, chat with a company representative, or contact Summerside EDO if they have questions. Currently, there are two featured companies (BluWave-ai and StandardAero), and the aim is to collaborate with more companies as the campaign progresses.
Our goal is to make Summerside a destination location where professionals can confidently pursue meaningful and fulfilling careers. We achieve this by raising awareness, inspiring action, and facilitating conversations. The result is key job positions being filled, allowing our businesses to increase their capacity.
Summerside is experiencing unprecedented growth, and individuals are increasingly seeking career opportunities beyond our city limits. Naturally, social media will play a significant role in this endeavour. Keep an eye out for upcoming social media posts and advertisements on platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, X, and LinkedIn in the coming months, and be sure to share them with your contacts.
Find more than simply a job in Summerside!
For more information or questions, contact:

Neil Moore
Research Analyst, Economic Development
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