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Summerside's SUNBANK celebrates grand opening of State-Of-The-Art solar/battery farm

SUMMERSIDE, PE – The City of Summerside and partners are pleased to officially announce the energizing of Summerside’s latest project on its renewable energy journey, Sunbank. Summerside, as a leading provider of sustainable energy solutions, is proud to announce the successful completion and grand opening of its latest solar/battery farm in Summerside, taking the city to over 62% renewable generation. This cutting-edge facility marks a significant milestone in the city’s commitment to advancing clean energy and contributing to the global transition toward a sustainable future.


Renewable Energy Capacity: The Summerside Solar Farm boasts a capacity of 21.6 megawatts of solar and a 10- megawatt, 20-megawatt hour battery, generating clean, renewable energy equivalent to powering over 2,500 homes annually and removing over 8,120 tonnes of GHG or over 1,700 cars emissions. This substantial contribution to the local energy grid reinforces Summerside’s dedication to reducing carbon emissions and fostering environmentally responsible electricity, self reliance, and diversification of our generating assets.

Technological Innovation: Sunbank has employed state-of-the-art solar technology at the Summerside facility. The solar panels feature the latest advancements in efficiency and durability, ensuring optimal performance and longevity. This commitment to technological innovation aligns with the City’s mission to provide reliable and sustainable energy solutions.

Community Impact: The Summerside Solar Farm represents more than just a technological achievement. Sunbank is proud to have collaborated with both our public and private sector, fostering economic growth, and creating job opportunities during the construction and ongoing maintenance of the facility. Moreover, Sunbank will contribute to educational initiatives, providing opportunities for local schools and residents to learn about the benefits of renewable energy.

Environmental Stewardship: Sunbank remains dedicated to environmental stewardship. By harnessing the power of the sun, the Summerside Solar Farm will significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions, making a positive impact on the local and global environment.


"Today, we celebrate not just the opening of a solar farm, but a commitment to a sustainable future. The Summerside Solar Farm is a testament to our dedication to clean energy, technological innovation, and community collaboration. We are excited about the positive impact this facility will have on the environment and the lives of the residents in Summerside" — Mayor Dan Kutcher, City of Summerside.

"The City of Summerside is developing a national reputation for leadership in the battle against climate change and greenhouse gas emissions. As a Member of Parliament for Egmont, it is a real privilege to work with such an innovative community, who have accessed funds from the Green Municipal Fund to make their project a reality. With the completion of the Sunbank Solar/Battery Farm, the City of Summerside is strengthening its community, supporting economic growth and assisting residents' electrical needs now and into the future." — Egmont Member of Parliament, Bobby Morrissey

"Community-led energy projects are the key to sustainability and resilience in our province’s power supply. Summerside has done great work in taking the lead on their energy independence, and the Government of Prince Edward Island was pleased to invest nearly $22 million to support this work. We look forward to helping more Island communities take steps like this towards energy independence." — Premier Dennis King, Government of Prince Edward Island

"Samsung Renewable Energy is a proud partner in collaborating with the City of Summerside and being a partner in this exciting and impactful project. As communities are front and center in the fight against climate change and electrical generation diversification, working directly with this innovative city and exciting renewable energy initiative is directly aligned with our corporate vision. This project marks the next step in our collaborative journey and we look forward to working together well into the future." — Paul Ahn, President, Samsung Renewable Energy Inc.


The City of Summerside is located in Prince County, Prince Edward Island, Canada with the mindset of promoting and advancing its small city with big opportunities. Summerside offers a diverse market and skilled workforce and is a leader in sectors such as green energy, sport tourism and rapid economic growth. To learn more, please visit or connect through Facebook, X, or Instagram.

For further information or media inquiries, please contact:

JP Desrosiers 
Deputy CAO 
City of Summerside 
Tanner Doiron 
Communications Manager 
City of Summerside 
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Executive Assistant
City of Summerside
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