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Summerside achieves record-breaking $100 MILLION in building permits year to date

SUMMERSIDE, PE – The City of Summerside proudly announces a historic milestone in growth and development, as it surpasses the $100 million mark in building permits issued year to date. This remarkable achievement reflects the city's commitment to fostering growth, innovation, and a vibrant community.

The new record surpasses the previous $73 million-dollar high total. With this news, it showcases a strategic focus on creating an environment conducive to sustainable development and the City of Summerside has experienced an unprecedented surge in construction activity. The $100 million milestone in building permits underscores the confidence of investors, businesses, and residents in the city's economic prospects and the robustness of its development policies.

Mayor Dan Kutcher expressed enthusiasm about the record-breaking accomplishment, stating, “This is where people want to live, invest, and raise their families – and that’s a good thing. We have worked diligently to create an atmosphere that encourages investment, job creation, and the overall prosperity of our beautiful city.”

At a time when housing volatility remains top of mind, the diversity of this year's development permits is very encouraging with over $68M of the $100M total are directly related to major housing development projects. “With housing being a major focus for our council, these numbers indicate a very positive trend, the work is certainly not done however it is evident that this council is getting things done” added Mayor Kutcher.

The City's Technical Services Department has played a pivotal role in managing this surge of development activity, ensuring efficiency without compromising the City’s safety and quality standards. Director of Technical Services, Aaron MacDonald highlighted the impact of this achievement on the local economy, saying, "The $100 million in building permits is not just a number; it represents jobs, economic vitality, and a thriving community. We are committed to sustaining this momentum and fostering an environment that attracts further investment and enhances the overall quality of life for our residents." Deputy Mayor, Cory Snow also expressed his excitement with the increase in numbers stating, "seeing a thirty percent increase over our previous record-breaking year for development in our City is fantastic and is a testament to the work our council and senior leadership are doing daily to grow our City. Additionally, seeing a significant surge in residential development which will provide homes for people who need them reassures me that our future here in Summerside is a bright one.

The City of Summerside encourages further collaboration with developers, businesses, and investors interested in contributing to the city's continued growth. The record-breaking achievement is a clear indicator of the city's potential as a prime destination for those seeking a dynamic and prosperous community. As Summerside continues to make headlines for its economic accomplishments, the city remains dedicated to maintaining a balance between progress and preserving its unique charm. With a strong foundation and a vision for the future, the City of Summerside looks forward to breaking even more barriers and achieving new milestones in the years to come.

The City of Summerside is located in Prince County, Prince Edward Island, Canada with the mindset of promoting and advancing its small city with big opportunities. Summerside offers a diverse market and skilled workforce and is a leader in sectors such as green energy, sport tourism and rapid economic growth. To learn more, please visit or connect through Facebook, X, or Instagram.

For further information or media inquiries, please contact:

JP Desrosiers 
Deputy CAO 
City of Summerside 
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Communications Manager 
City of Summerside 
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Executive Assistant
City of Summerside
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