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The importance of having Exceptional Sources of Tools

As our economy continues to undergo fundamental change, our customer base demands more timely and market-specific information from new tools and new practices. Key market data is critical to staying current.

Whether retail, manufacturing or a seasonal business, having access to sound critical market data is key to growing your business, deciding on a next location or finding that perfect employee to help you grow. Data can assist with formulating new product ideas, finding effective ways to increase sales, tapping into new ways of getting to market or simply allowing you to build a knowledge base of your industry.

The Department of Economic Development understands the challenges and opportunities that data and tools play in helping to land that next big deal or customer, in developing the all-important means of getting the order to market on time and on deciding the right location to increase your chances of success.  Over the past number of years, we have built a suite of tools specifically tailored for our business community. These tools assist businesses in understanding the local, regional and international markets and how key tools and data can help in their business planning and execution strategies for growth.
The Summerside EDO Available Sites tool

Some examples of timely information available to assist you in business planning and growth strategies include:

Community Profile: 
Summerside’s profile is a compendium of current and historical data that collects, disseminates and interprets a broad range of factors including sociodemographic, economic and business statistics about Summerside and its global context. The profile is arranged in a way that our clients can use it in its entirety or in a customized fashion that integrates directly into their business planning activities. EDO can provide data in many forms including printed and electronic and tailored to your specific business needs.

Business Directory: 
The business directory is more than just a simple business listing service.  It is an intelligent multi-functional business, marketing, and economic development planning tool that is used by a diverse user base including governments, local and international businesses, tourists, private sector investors, site selectors, job seekers, and other interested parties.  For business users, whether local or international, the directory is a source to identify networking and marketing opportunities, strategic partners, new markets, industry statistics, potential clients, etc.  As a municipality, the information is used for such undertakings as strategic planning, business expansion, attraction and retention, statistic collection, and marketing and promoting Summerside businesses.

Your complimentary business listing provides you with networking, marketing, and sales opportunities, whether you operate a home or office, full or part-time, seasonal or year-round enterprise.

Job Matching Tool: 
Identifying an ideal candidate is the fundamental objective of the EDO’s job matching platform specifically built for Summerside’s diverse labour needs. The platform allows job seekers to find meaningful employment and provides local businesses access to the talent they require. The platform is radically changing the way Summerside job seekers find meaningful employment and how local businesses source talent to meet their skills requirements.  The key differentiator between our tools and that of others is that we provide both Summerside job candidates and employers with a one-stop, supply and demand job hub to connect the right candidate to the right job – quickly, accurately, and efficiently. Job seekers sign-up by completing a profile and are then provided with tailored job postings that match their skills, qualifications and job preferences. The system is designed to have job opportunities find candidates, meaning that every time a suitable new job is posted, qualified candidates are automatically notified.

Since its launch last year, our job matching tool, while still growing in the number of users, matched over 200 jobs in the local economy. 

A diverse collection of case studies and market reports: 
The office of economic development provides a wide range of market reports, case studies and economic updates and forecasts, all developed in-house and shared via our economic development partners. Information includes available incentives to case studies on start-up entrepreneurs leveraging Summerside’s unique programming.  We also compile a suite of “only in Summerside” programs as well as links and networks to our partners’ programs that are accessible to those looking to grow in Summerside.  We regularly post to our website the most current programs designed to assist businesses to grow in Summerside.

The Summerside Office of Economic Development works to ensure that our website outreach, available data, programs and tools are organized and grounded on key statistical and business principles relevant to helping businesses understand the market and growth opportunities. Please visit our website at and browse our resources. If you are looking for statistical data not found on the website, please contact our office for assistance at 902-432-1331.

IO Solutions Summerside
is Growing and Looking for Job Candidates

IO Solutions is looking to hire Bilingual Customer Service Representatives (English/Cantonese, English/Mandarin) for their Summerside, PEI location. The IO Solutions Call Centre is privately owned and has been in operation since 2007, operating a Business Process Outsourcer headquartered in Prince Edward Island.
To learn more about this exciting opportunity and apply for this position, contact IO Solutions at referencing the Summerside opportunity.
To learn more about IO Solutions, visit them on the web at


Back Home!
There’s no doubt that home is where the heart is. Those who have had to leave would usually love to come back and those they left behind would love to have them… if only they could. 

Well, now there’s a new program coming to Summerside that could soon be turning those dreams into reality.  Called Homeward Bound, it’s a program that packages all the incredible changes our city has seen over the past 5 to 10 years for the sole purpose of bringing loved ones back home… family, friends and all those folks who would love the Summerside lifestyle.

Sound too good to be true? Just wait till you see how easy it is when the Homeward Bound envelope arrives in your mail.  Coming soon.  Don’t miss it!
If you are considering establishing a business
in Summerside or have any questions,
please contact:

Michael Thususka
Director of Economic Development City of Summerside
275 Fitzroy Street, Summerside PE C1N 1H9
M: 902.432.0103, E:

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