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Sunbank Officially Announced

On January 14th the Three Levels of Government and our Private Sector Partner Samsung Renewable Energy announced Summerside Sunbank Project. This $69 Million-dollar project is Summerside and Samsung SRE’s next step along the innovation journey, phase two of our long-term partnership.

So, what is Sunbank? It is over 61,000 solar panels predicted to generate over 21 Megawatts of Solar Energy and a 10 Megawatt 20 Megawatt hour Utility-scale Renewable Energy system. The project is funded through a collaborative model under the new Invest Canada Infrastructure Plan as well as Private Sector Financing. 
And Why is Sunbank Unique
The project’s primary mandate is to demonstrate how utilities can integrate large-scale solar PV and storage solutions that are impactful, responsive and green. This project will deploy a community microgrid combining 21MWac of solar PV generation with a 10MW/20MWh battery energy storage system within the City of Summerside. This will build on the City’s existing wind capacity and leverage its capability in forecasting, scheduling and operating resources.
  1. 1. Sunbank will utilize a new municipal well field for the installation of the system.  Given that most development on this type of site is non-conducive to any development, our engineering and analysis have determined that we can turn these lands into producing assets for the municipality
  2. 2. It represents a reduction of over 8,000 tons of GHG emission
  3. 3. Represents a 20% reduction of off-island energy purchasing which means keeping over $2 million in electrical expenditures here in PEI
From an economic impact standpoint this project
  1. 1. Will create over 200 full-time jobs during the 18 – 24 months of construction
  2. 2. Will increase wages in the area to the tune of over $10 million dollars
  3. 3. Will have an indirect benefit to local restaurants, accommodations retail and service of over $7 million in additional spending
  4. 4. Will bring in an additional $3.8 million of tax revenue to PEI
And what does this mean for our residents
  1. 1. It means over 200 new jobs to Summerside
  2. 2. It means spending over $2 million annually in the Summerside economy versus off island
  3. 3. It means Summerside now being a global leader in renewable innovation
  4. 4. It means more control in the generation and distribution of energy for our city
This project is about taking an innovative leap, showing how Summerside and our partners can come together to further our community and leverage the value of our utility to further our green footprint. We set out early on to make a statement about our “Can Do attitude”, be a leader when it comes to renewable energy, and position Summerside as a place where business gets done. 

Today is another major step forward in our growing energy sector as well as our innovation agenda.  We would not have achieved this significant milestone without solid collaboration, the confidence and openness of our private sector partners and a City where engaging in a new model for Economic Development works.

We will continue to aggressively pursue opportunities and look forward to working with our partners to promote the growth of Summerside and its place as a centre of innovation.

This project has furthered our commitment to a greener community.  It has taken us a step closer to having energy independence. This announcement is not so much about having ideas, it’s about making ideas happen!

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Demand is Reaching New Heights for Summerside Services and Spaces

A Summerside PNP Update

It’s been just over 2 years since the Office of Immigration introduced the PNP Community Endorsement process. The basic idea was to allow municipalities to be involved in which immigrant entrepreneurs would come to their community. If a client obtains an endorsement and continues in the immigration process, they must eventually conduct business in that same community. 
Welcoming PNP entrepreneurs to Summerside is a long-arcing process. Depending on the stream, it typically takes over a year before a successful candidate comes to Summerside. Thus, 2018 was dedicated almost entirely to holding endorsement meetings with interested folks. 2019 was more balanced as we continued these meetings but also serviced those that arrived or planned to arrive soon.  In the last half of 2019, we welcomed about 10 endorsed clients and their families to Summerside.
As 2020 gets underway, it’s clear that many more immigrant entrepreneurs will be joining us. Most of our time spent on the immigration file this year will be dedicated to servicing newly landed clients. The Summerside EDO conducted a deep survey of our endorsed clients late in December to gauge the demand on various Summerside services. We anticipate over 60 families will be moving to Summerside with a majority of them doing so over the summer. The results of the survey show a huge requirement for space in all categories of Commercial, Industrial and Residential as well as varied services including accounting and banking. As a community, we need now to start preparing now for the positive influx of business immigrants. 
The average household size of the survey respondents is 3.9, significantly higher than Summerside’s 2.2 and Canada’s 2.4, according to the 2016 Census. Also, the median age of these people is 23 years, again lower than Summerside’s 46.7 and Canada’s 41.2. The benefits of more business owners are not simply to increase jobs and assessments, but rather to sustain PEI’s population and decrease the median age.
Despite being required to do business in Summerside, these folks can live wherever they please. Thus, it was reassuring to discover that 54 respondents declared they would prefer to live in Summerside. Even though individual plans can always change, these numbers are encouraging. These immigrants are all enthusiastic to begin their new lives and are bound to Summerside, at least business-wise, so there’s no reason to doubt them.
There are many upsides to welcoming new immigrants to Summerside, but there is also much preparation. These folks need places to live, places to conduct business, a source of labour, language training, professional services, schooling for their children, and various personal settlement related items (health card, driver’s license, banking, etc.).
Over the past few months, several steps have been taken to brace ourselves. The East Prince Integration Committee (EPIC) formed over the summer and consists of members from PEI Connectors, PEI Association for Newcomers to Canada, CBDC Central, professional services, and many more. Also, our department has reached out to realty offices, language training providers, and provincial offices so that they know what to expect for the rest of 2020.
2020 is shaping up to be unlike any other year for Summerside and immigration is one of the elements leading the way. Summerside EDO is looking for progressive partners to assist in servicing this client base and ensure their integration into the community is as seamless as possible.


Summerside by the Numbers

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