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Summerside is Hiring!

The City of Summerside business community is certainly on a growth trajectory... and why would we not be? It’s thanks to living and working in a seaside environment, having a growing and diverse population, enjoying a diverse selection of housing options with commutes of less than 5 minutes, access to the highest quality amenities and services, and a personal connection to the community (plus, don’t forget our disposition to a greener economy.) While we are hitting around 65% total green energy, we are on target to hit 100% in the coming years and along with our partners our ambition to become the first net-zero community in Canada, so yeah: it’s no wonder Summerside businesses are growing!
Over the course of the next several months, the Office of Economic Development will be showcasing some amazing career opportunities in Summerside, such as launching a revamped Labour Portal and amping up our social media to share some exciting positions. We are determined to engage and foster relationships to fill these amazing career vacancies. We have positions in everything from Health Care to Information Technology, to Artificial Intelligence to the Service Industry. Our goal is to help our business community reach even higher potential with our “White Glove” approach to facilitating labour attraction and, even more importantly, family integration into our amazing city.
Many like to say that “a great life starts with a great company,” and we firmly believe they were talking about Summerside when they coined that phrase!
Let’s connect today: it will be worth the conversation!
In order to get our conversation going, here are some teasers of just some of the amazing opportunities:


Sector:                                      Dairy Product Manufacturing
Year Est. in Summerside:         1986
Phone:                                      902-888-5088

Company Description:
ADL is a producer-owned co-operative that’s been part of the Island's way of life for over 65 years. We have facilities for dairy processing and retail food distribution all over PEI. ADL is one of the largest food processors in the province and has markets across Canada and globally. Through product donations and sponsorships, ADL supports many local and community events, organizations, and initiatives.
— Staff Accountant
— Heavy Labourer
— Driver Helper
— Production Labourer – Food Processing
— Truck Driver

Andrews Senior Care

Sector:                                     Community care
Year Est. in Summerside:        2000
Phone:                                     902-894-5896

Company Description:
Andrews Senior Care provides best-in-class assisted living and nursing care at homes across Prince Edward Island, the safest Province during the COVID-19 pandemic.  We’ve been family-owned and operated for over 30 years, which enables us to cut through the red tape, pivot, and make decisions quickly in a way that big corporate groups and centralized healthcare systems can only dream of.
At Andrews Senior Care, we have a collaborative health care model, with a philosophy focused on providing excellence in care to our residents and families. We provide health care at an assisted living level, along with community care.

— Dietary Aide
— Nursing Caregiver
— Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)
— Registered Nurse (RN)


Sector:                                     Information Technology (Renewable Energy)
Year Est. in Summerside:        2022

Company Description:
BluWave-ai was formed in 2017 around the idea of bringing innovations in artificial intelligence, edge computing, and cloud-based super-computing to the world of distributed renewable energy.
Electrical output from renewable energy sources like wind and solar fluctuates and is inherently difficult for utilities to manage. This results in renewables generation often being under-utilized, with operators relying on fossil fuels as a fallback.  BluWave-ai’s grid energy optimization platform balances the cost, availability, and carbon footprint of different energy sources – both renewable and non-renewable – with energy demand in real-time.

The goal of BluWave-ai is to drive the transition from a centralized, carbon-based energy model to the point where clean energy can be produced by almost anyone, anywhere, aided by advanced real-time computing to optimize its generation and use.

— Backend Cloud Software Developer
— Data Engineering Platform Developer
— Full Stack WebApp Developer
— Machine Learning Tools Developer
— Backend Cloud Software Developer (New Grad)
— Senior Backend Developer
— Senior Frontend WebApp Developer

Boys & Girls Club

Sector:                                     Daycare, Educational Programming, Recreation
Year Est. in Summerside:        1963
Phone:                                      902-436-9403

Company Description:
The Boys and Girls Club of Summerside is a non-profit organization. Established in 1963, the Club has affected the lives of many Summerside families, and the community as a whole. We currently employ 29 full-time employees, 60 seasonal, and meet the needs of 3000 children, youth, and families in Summerside and the surrounding area. The Club offers 27 programs in the areas of healthy living, physical activity, sport and recreation, arts and crafts, music, and education.

— Programming Employee
— Program Coordinator
— Assistant Program Director
— Human Resources Advisor
— LifeHouse Case Worker – One-year term (possibility of extension)

Curran & Briggs
Sector:                                     Heavy Industrial
Year Est. in Summerside:        1920
Phone:                                      902-436-2163

Company Description:
We are a heavy construction company specializing in Road and Highway Construction, Paving and Grading (Roads, Driveways and Parking Lots), Pavement Maintenance, Commercial/Residential Site Work, Underground Pipes and Utilities, Landfill/Environmental Remediation, and Project and Land Development.  We also process rock. With stationary aggregate facilities and hot mix plants, we provide construction materials of exceptional quality.  During the winter months, we provide commercial snow removal services.

— Foremen (Pipe, Asphalt, Concrete)
— Equipment Operators
— Labourers
— Office Administrators


Fully Managed
Sector:                                     Information Technology (Managed Services)
Year Est. in Summerside:        2013
Phone:                                     1-877-432-0747

Company Description:
Fully Managed is a one-stop shop for technology solutions that help businesses navigate and succeed in today’s digital world of work.

We are an award-winning managed service provider (MSP), a workflow automation specialist and ServiceNow Elite Partner, and a market leader in technology solutions for the senior care sector. 

With decades of collective experience in IT, Fully Managed provides companies with the technical support, expertise, and products and services they need to be productive and proactive: helping them work smarter, more securely, and with greater efficiency.

— ServiceNow Services Developer
— Enterprise Service Management (ESM) Delivery Tier 1
— Enterprise Service Management (ESM) Delivery Tier 2
— Enterprise Service Management (ESM) Developer


Sector:                                     Aerospace
Year Est. in Summerside:        1991
Phone:                                      902-436-1760

Company Description:
Honeywell has a lengthy history, has global recognition, and is one of the cornerstones of PEI aerospace. Summerside Honeywell is a centre of excellence for fuel systems, repair, and overhaul of aircraft. Innovation, integrity, sustainability, inclusion, and transforming industries make up the pillars of Honeywell.

— Material Handler – Level 1
— Technician – ISC – Level 3
— Mech Design Engr I
— Quality Control Analyst II


Kool Breeze Farms
Sector:                                     Agriculture, Greenhouse, Nursery
Year Est. in Summerside:        1990
Phone:                                      902-436-1900

Company Description:
Kool Breeze Farms is a four-season operation. Starting in spring, the garden centre is in full swing. The farm market features fresh fruits and vegetables as soon as they’re ready to harvest here on PEI. The corn maze opens in late August, with a fresh design every year. Also operating on-site are Da Mama’s Kitchen food truck and the Kool Breeze Ice Cream Barn.

— Assistant Greenhouse Manager
— General Manager
— Sales Manager


Prince County Hospital
Prince County Hospital is the second-largest acute care hospital in the province. The 110-bed facility provides emergency, inpatient, and ambulatory care services.

Emergency Medicine — Long Term Locum

Emergency Medicine — PCH


Sharon O'Halloran CPA
Sector:                                      Finance
Phone:                                      902-724-4430

Company Description:
Sharon O’Halloran CPA is a professional accounting firm with over 25 years of experience. Offering a wide range of accounting, tax, and business planning services that are provided through building solid business relationships facilitating useful timely information for decision making and inspiring clients to achieve their goals.
What really makes Sharon R. O'Halloran, C.P.A. Inc. different is that they strongly believe in the importance of knowing and understanding their clients and their operations.

— Junior Accountant
— Senior Accountant
— Chartered Professional Accountant
— Bookkeepers

Sector:                                      Aerospace
Year Est. in Summerside:        1991
Phone:                                      902-436-1333

Company Description:
Founded in 1911, StandardAero has become one of the aerospace industry’s largest independent maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) providers. Our company’s success is the outgrowth of the synergistic merger of businesses with complementary specialties that have exponentially increased our capabilities and generated unprecedented customer commitment and value.
StandardAero offers extensive MRO services and custom solutions for business aviation, commercial aviation, military, and industrial power customers. Nearly 6,600 professional, administrative, and technical employees work in more than 50 major facilities worldwide, with additional strategically located regional service and support centers across the globe.

— Parts Cleaner
— Supply Chain Specialist
— Technician/Mechanic
— Software Developer
— Analyst, Sales Operations

Strategic Construction
Sector:                                     Construction
Phone:                                      902-436-5104

Company Description:
Strategic Construction strives to be industry leaders through innovation, discipline, and hard work. Customer satisfaction is our goal. We aim to provide an experience that will produce recommendations to future clients.
Our values are reliability, efficiency, and excellence. We pride ourselves on these values with every project we undertake. Our goal is to leave our clients with complete satisfaction.

— Skilled Carpenter
— Carpenter Helpers
— Project Manager
— Development Planner
— Painters


Sector:                                     Information Technology (Fintech)
Year Est. in Summerside:         2008
Phone:                                      902-724-3700

Company Description:
Worklinks is a provider of flexible, intuitive, and multi-country Payroll & HR applications for businesses of any size.  Hosted in a secure cloud environment, the sleek modular framework of Worklinks’ automation solutions allows you to select and pay for only the specific functionality your business needs to enable complete, painless, worry-free payroll.

— DOTNET Full Stack Developer
— Canadian Payroll Analyst
— Business Systems Analyst – US Payroll


Summerside in Numbers

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