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Summerside Business Commons Takes Another Step Forward

We are excited to announce the infrastructure phase of the Business Commons (formally known as Summerside Eco Park) as we are turning our attention to the next and exciting phase of bringing more jobs and more people to Summerside through the design and construction of the first building in the Park.

Since the start of the construction of this park, inquiries about space in the park have been on the rise with companies looking to expand and grow. Obviously, with Covid and its impacts many businesses have had to rethink their strategy on investment moving forward but our aggressive outreach, prospecting efforts, and networking with key organizations are starting to bear fruit on this issue.

We are pleased to be moving to the next phase of negotiations of our first building in the Eco Park in partnership with the PEI BioAlliance. Over the course of the last few months, the Office of Economic Development and the PEI BioAlliance have been vetting and qualifying various BioScience related companies to locate within the park. Given the tremendous demand of the Biosector in PEI and through the work and reputation of the PEI BioAlliance, the City is in the next steps of moving forward with the collaboration details of an 18,000 square foot multi-tenant flexible manufacturing facility. This project will be a key Bio-based business attraction tool for the City and will be the centrepiece for Bio-based companies to locate in Summerside.

It is our intention to continue negotiations on the business plan and financial feasibility of the project, finalize the conceptual design, final design, and begin construction in early 2021 with the completion of the first facility in Q1-Q2, 2022. With obvious environmental constraints and potential issues in a professional capacity, these timelines could change.

We have now finished the necessary infrastructure and lot serving. We are working with our local contractors on some final elements including initial landscaping for the park.

This 14-acre Eco-Industrial park is located in the heart of Summerside, close to all amenities and services. When fully completed, it will offer over 115,000 square feet of leasable space and is designed for optimum energy and cost-effectiveness. It is an integrated light manufacturing/processing hub that maximizes productivity while minimizing resources. Intelligent green features provide a wide array of building solutions including facility sharing, energy and water management.
Summerside part of International Panelists for 2020 ITU Global Innovation Forum
The City of Summerside Economic Development is part of an international panel discussion entitled “Bootstrapping and connecting ecosystems to access needed resources”. With the lack of resources seen as a significant challenge for entrepreneurs and innovators to realize their idea, this international panel will discuss and exchange ideas for challenges faced by entrepreneurs and share insights into developing ecosystems and ways forward.

ITU is the United Nations specialized agency for information and communication technologies—ICTs. The Global Innovation Forum will empower participants with new approaches, insights, tools, frameworks, communities and relevant case studies to understand how to mainstream sustainable ecosystems that accelerate digital transformation.

This five-day virtual, immersive event will take you on global and regional learning journeys, with insights from 80+ experts in the field, including ICT ministers, influencers, VCs, entrepreneurs, ecosystem development partners, and corporate change-makers.

To learn more about this event, visit—Global Innovation Forum.
IDEaS wants your innovative solutions!
Are you an innovator? Regardless if you are working from your home, an academic in a university lab or a scientist in a small or a major corporation, the Innovation for Defence, Excellence and Security (IDEaS) program is looking for your solutions to help resolve defence and security challenges. This is your opportunity to showcase your innovative ideas!

IDEaS fosters open innovation to provide creative thinkers with the structure and support to encourage solutions that will assist in solving some of Canada’s toughest defence and security challenges. IDEaS will support the development of solutions from their conceptual stage through prototype testing and capability development. The program includes several elements that promote collaboration between innovators and provide developmental resources and opportunities to interact with DND’s science and military members.

Since its launch in April 2018, IDEaS has been posting Challenges for the Canadian Innovation Community. The various elements of IDEaS, which include Competitive Projects, Contests, Innovation Networks, Sandboxes, and Innovation Assessment & Implementation are going to be used to present these Challenges to you!

Be sure to check out the Current Opportunities and Future Opportunities today and see where your ideas may be part of the solution! You can also check out Past Opportunities to find relevant information related to past Innovation for Defence Excellence and Security (IDEaS) opportunities. Please note that this information does not apply to the current IDEaS opportunities and is available for reference only.
Stay informed about IDEaS!
To receive updates and stay informed of new challenges, you can join the IDEaS mailing list or follow IDEaS on Twitter! For more information, visit the Understanding IDEaS and FAQs section of the program’s website.
Newcomer Corner
We are pleased to continue our feature of spotlighting some of our newest Immigration Businesses to call Summerside Home. This month we will share the story of Nanofend and Upcycle Green Tech Auto Shop.

Upcycle Green Technology Auto Shop
Meet Natal Antonini and Magali Freiberger!
Natal and Magali are two of Summerside’s newest business owners. They immigrated from Brazil and arrived in PEI in October 2019. They first met with our office in March 2018 and were very enthusiastic about Summerside, particularly its focus on green energy. They chose Summerside because there was much synergy with their future life plans. As they say “Summerside has a high quality of life and is committed to the environment with both short and long-term projects focused on renewable energies. One of the city’s pillars is sustainability, which is the focus of our company.”
In terms of background, Natal has more than 27 years of experience as a Mechanical Engineer. His Master’s degree involved rotary internal combustion engines with innovative design and this allows him to stay current with industry trends and new developments. Magali has extensive experience in business administration with a degree in Economic Sciences and a Master’s degree in Business Management and Business Administration.  She had her own business in Brazil and managed it for 23 years.
Their new business is called “Upcycle Green Technology Auto Shop” and can be found at 100 Industrial Cres., Unit 5, in Summerside. This building is colloquially referred to as “The Round Building” and should be familiar to many Summerside residents. Upcycle is an environmentally-friendly preventative car maintenance workshop and, through the adoption of dry workshop practices, the company minimizes their impact on the planet. This is also the first auto shop in Summerside to offer express oil change services without the need for an appointment. Just bring your car and it will be finished in a few minutes. While waiting, Upcycle offers a clean and comfortable waiting room with wifi, refreshments, and snacks. To provide this service, they stock many different types of filters and oil.  For all other services, appointments are required.
In addition to these traditional services, Upcycle also offers services aimed at innovation and renewable energy which is based on 5 elements:
— Conversion of a gas car to electric
— Remanufacturing of cars to original working condition
— Serial production
— Compact/mid-size car repurposing into a small pick-up truck
— Vehicles development for fleets (i.e. working vehicles)

Currently, the first prototype is being developed with Natal leading the way.  Anyone interested in knowing more about the conversion project can visit their website.
Personally, Natal and Magali enjoy Summerside’s quality of life and the very welcoming community. They find Summerside residents to be attentive, engaged, and supportive of newcomers like them. As they put it “We feel very welcome here and with each passing day we are more confident that Summerside was the right option to invest our resources and business know-how. With continued support, we will contribute to the growth and development of Summerside.”
Quick facts:
Business name:           Upcycle Green Technology Auto Shop
Business address:       100 Industrial Cres. (Round Building), Unit 5, Summerside
Phone:                          1-902-932-7125 (main), 1-902-916-5130 (mobile)

Meet Saeed Abbasgholipour!
Saeed is a recent newcomer to Summerside. He first met with our office in March 2018 and was one of the first to take advantage of the Community Endorsement process. We were impressed by his business concept, particularly the innovative product offerings. Saeed was also impressed with Summerside, stating “The slogan says it all, namely this is a city of big possibilities. From my first day in Summerside, I was amazed by its vibrant life and many ongoing projects. It was nothing like I imagined for an Island-based city with a small population. This, combined with the support from Summerside EDO, convinced me that there is a bright future here that I wanted to join.” He continues by saying “Aside from business, I notice that residents enjoy a high level of amenities such as major retail branches, sports facilities, and schools. Overall, it felt like a great place to move with my family.”
His business is called “Nanofend” and is located in the HQ Building (2nd Floor) at 263 Heather Moyse Dr., Unit 14, having opened in May 2020. One branch of the company focuses on various chemical products such as industrial coatings and cleaners. The objective is to alleviate some of the challenges that industries face in terms of surface protection against harsh working environments or weather conditions.  Another branch of the company focuses on the distribution of various innovative and high-quality consumer goods. Also, Nanofend is proud to be the only official distributor of PHILIPS batteries in Canada. Overall, Nanofend’s goal is to provide the best solutions to both industry and household.
Saeed and his family are originally from Iran. Now, he lives in Summerside with his amazing wife, Maral, as well as his energetic 4-yr-old son, Aryaz. Saeed’s parents are also in the area. When asked what he enjoys most about Summerside, Saeed remarked “The residents! I cannot tell enough how welcoming people have been, both personally and business-wise. Islanders have this great sense of supporting each other’s businesses and I think that is the key to thriving.” He continues by saying “The culture of living is very rich.  I see a high level of social manners and respect for one another. Taken together, it is reassuring for me to be living and raising my child here.”
As a whimsical final comment, Saeed chimed “One thing that caught our attention this summer was everyone’s love for ice cream, and they have every right for it!  Summerside has many great ice cream parlours and we enjoyed trying them all and their awesome flavours!”
Quick facts:
Business name:           Nanofend
Business address:       263 Heather Moyse Dr., Unit 14, Summerside (HQ Building, 2nd Floor)
Phone:                          1-902-888-9497 (cell), 1-902-436-6918 (office)

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