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New report says Summerside business satisfaction tops 90%

A new survey conducted for the City of Summerside’s economic development department suggests that more than 90% of businesses feel satisfied with Summerside as a place to own and operate a business.
The Business Retention & Expansion (BR + E) Survey included a random sample of Summerside businesses contacted by telephone. In the survey, 91% of respondents described themselves as either satisfied or very satisfied with doing business in Summerside.
“We are pleased with the overall results of the survey and the very high satisfaction rate. That said, we plan to use the results to improve our business climate even further,” said Coun. Brian McFeely, chair of economic development. “The data will help us in setting out programs and priorities for ensuring our businesses remain competitive and in an environment that enables them to flourish.”
The economic development department commissioned the survey to learn more about the plans and needs of businesses in the community and to better understand how business owners and managers view Summerside as a place to do business. The information will help the department pursue economic development activities that focus on local business priorities.
In addition to commenting on overall business satisfaction, respondents also rated satisfaction with 17 business factors—including categories such as roadways, water, health care, taxes, available space, telecommunications, labour, permitting and others. Satisfaction in these categories ranged from 57—98%, and the satisfaction level and importance of each category were then used to create a list of priority issues. The top three were as follows:

1. Availability of skilled labour
2. Municipal property taxes
3. Availability of unskilled labour

"Business retention and expansion is the cornerstone of the city’s department of economic development,” said director Mike Thususka. “Through this survey, we learned what opportunities and challenges our businesses are facing, so we can connect businesses with the resources we have available through our networks and services.”
Other survey highlights included the following:
•  Most businesses (64%) reported a strong past year, with revenues rising or remaining the same. The year ahead also looks promising, with 54% of businesses expecting revenue increases.

•   Close to a third (32%) of respondents indicated they have plans to expand.
The economic development department hired MDB Insight, an economic development consulting firm, to assist with the research. The telephone survey of 101 businesses was conducted Nov. 13—23, 2018. Out of 101 businesses, 75 were locally owned and operated, while 26 were externally owned and operated, representing a typical balance.
The department will provide the city council and the community with a full summary of findings early in the new year.

Summerside advances Artificial Intelligence Initiatives in Grid Advancement

The City of Summerside Utility and BluWave-ai have signed a collaboration agreement to drive optimized use of renewable energy in smarter grids by leveraging artificial intelligence (AI). The City of Summerside agreement focuses on our unique and innovative utility combined with our robust infrastructure that is situated in a perfect testing environment with solar, wind, diesel generation, battery storage, and grid supply from the mainland North American grid. BluWave-ai will be used to optimize the use of renewable energy to offset diesel fuel usage and grid energy import.
As part of this deployment, the utility will quantify the additional benefits of AI to predict and optimize generation and loads in their service area. The utility will be offering their live networks and utility expertise to assist enhancement of BluWave-ai’s AI innovations which is the foundational vision of Summerside’s Living Lab.
Summerside has deployed wind, solar and storage to reduce energy costs, offsetting diesel and imported grid power creating the most integrated, advanced smart grid in North America with diversified renewable sources and, through our collaboration with BluWave-ai, it will allow us to further advance our technical leadership and assess AI for improving the efficiency and economics of the city’s energy supply.
The City of Summerside has been working on the smart grid concept since 2012 involving research, testing, collaboration and pilot programs. The City of Summerside has annually expanded the smart MyPowerNet system and has currently reached 40% deployment of the fiber network and appliance integration into the community which is a key piece of infrastructure in further AI technologies. We have deployed approximately 350 units of appliances to control domestic hot water storage and space heating for a total of over 3MW’s of demand response on a 27 MW peaking system as the first step in our grid innovation. 
Smart Grids and applying intelligence to the proliferation of distributed renewable energy resources is a key strategy of utilities across North America and certainly a key priority for Summerside. Accelerating the development of energy technologies and management through AI is critical to our future and, with AI in the initial research stage, our goal is to advance to a full commercialization opportunity under this partnership.

Company:  Thomas Edison Electric Summerside Prince Edward Island (

Position Title:  Electrician

Job Description:
Our electrical service company is growing quickly, and we’re hiring! We are currently in need of an experienced and skilled Electrician to join our team. The successful candidate will be responsible for a range of duties including but not limited to; installing and repairing wiring, electrical fixtures and control equipment as well as HVAC systems. Customer Satisfaction is our top priority and ensuring we exceed our customer standards is a priority for this position.
We are looking for an ideal candidate with previous electrical experience.
Qualifications: Lighting, Wiring, Alarm Systems, Fire Prevention Systems, Strong Written and Verbal Communication, Electrical Maintenance, Customer Service Skills, Risk Assessment, Electrician Apprenticeship, Diagnostics, Fault Finding, Organisation, Valid Driver's License, Initiative, Responsibility, Safety, Professional Appearance.

We offer competitive pay and invite licensed professionals who are looking for steady work to apply today!

Positive attitude, mechanical aptitude, clean, professional appearance, good communication skills, a willingness to work hard, ability and willingness to learn, ambition to achieve would be considered assets.
To apply for this exciting opportunity please send your resume directly to

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