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IO Solutions in Summerside is Looking for Job Candidates

IO Solutions is looking to hire Bilingual Customer Service Representatives (English/Cantonese, English/Mandarin) for their Summerside, PEI Call Centre location. IO Solutions (a Business Process Outsourcer headquartered in Prince Edward Island) is privately owned and has been in operation since 2007.

To learn more about this exciting opportunity and to apply for this position, contact IO Solutions at referencing the Summerside opportunity.

To learn more about IO Solutions, visit them on the web at



How to bring your loved ones back to Summerside
Research shows that a high percentage of Islanders living elsewhere would come home for sure if the right job or business opportunity presented itself. Well, guess what? 
The jobs and opportunities they’re looking for. 
The new Summerside I Build My Future Here Program links absent Islanders to all the latest local job and business opportunities available to them. If they’ve been away for a while, they will be absolutely amazed at the incredible change and growth that has taken place. With aerospace and manufacturing leading the way, game-changing industries have emerged to establish a far more diverse and prosperous community in which to live, work, play and raise a family.
All they have to do is fill out a form. 
To take advantage of the exciting new job scene in Summerside, all your loved ones have to do is fill out a form at They will then receive regular opportunity emails to which they can instantly respond. Whether responding to a job offer or relocating their business, the Summerside I Build My Future Here Program is the key to turning dreams into reality.
All you have to do is get them to do it. 
Don’t delay! Phone, text, email or write your loved ones today! Tell them to fill out the form at Just a few minutes now could change lives forever, reunite your family and bring back those knocks on your door!


2018 Forward

Summerside is at a unique moment in time in its history. An optimistic future is envisioned by continuing the progress that has brought the city to this point. This positive momentum will drive the future to the community we have in sight.

With its vast network of partners, Summerside’s Economic Development team will continue to lead the pursuit of an economy that generates more and more jobs and opportunities for growth.
Our Specific goals for 2018 include:
●     Increase quality and quantity of employment opportunities
●     Create a diverse and sustainable economic base
●     Improve the city’s non-residential tax assessment base
●     Participate in policy/regulatory reviews to ensure future investment
●     Support appropriate and planned growth strategies
●     Provide data, analysis, and tools to businesses and community partners
Looking to grow or start a business? Seeking that perfect piece of commercial or industrial real estate? Searching for that perfect job? Aiming to drive your business plan forward? Summerside Economic Development possesses a suite of products and tools that can be tailored to help you achieve your goals. Visit us today at to learn more about the growing Summerside economy.
If you are considering establishing a business
in Summerside or have any questions,
please contact

Michael Thususka

Director of Economic Development City of Summerside
275 Fitzroy Street, Summerside PE C1N 1H9
M: 902.432.0103, E:

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