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Forward Summerside Launches New Website to Support Local Businesses


The Summerside COVID-19 Task Force officially launched its new online Summerside-area business directory under the banner of Forward Summerside. This Task Force includes The Greater Summerside Chamber of Commerce, Downtown Summerside Inc., Explore Summerside, and The City of Summerside Dept. of Economic Development.

This new online directory can be found at

These organizations created this directory to help both business patrons and business owners. For patrons, the directory helps them understand which businesses are open, which plan to open, and how their operations are impacted by COVID-19, all in a convenient under-one-roof website. They can browse listed businesses or search by category.

For owners, they may submit their information, such as services, hours of operation, and any special instructions related to COVID-19, like online shopping, curbside pickup, delivery, or storage capacity. They may also link to their own websites or social media channels. Ultimately, it is designed to be simple to use for both patrons and owners.

Municipal and community partners in Summerside have collaborated to support local businesses through this initiative. In late March, the group was formed to address and mitigate the impacts to our business community from the effects of COVID-19 and support our Provincial and Federal Partners.

The Task Force, chaired by Brian McFeely and co-chaired by Justin Doiron, is mandated to support our local businesses and guide our community back to a thriving economy, specifically:

✓ Advocate for the needs of our business community to various other levels of Government

✓ Enhance the promotion of Summerside businesses that are still open and looking to open

✓ Explore and develop initiatives that support businesses during this crisis

✓ Develop measures for response and recovery of Summerside businesses

The group is working towards both post-COVID-19 and longer-term steps to help the community navigate this dilemma. One clear message from our business community was the need to shop and support locals.


“This directory provides an easy-to-search platform to meet the immediate need of our business community to communicate their current availability while offering a centralized location to allow us to support local. We encourage all local businesses to utilize this directory to service customers and clients.”
Tara Maddix, Executive Director of Greater Summerside Chamber of Commerce

"Resilience is about strengthening our community's response and adaptation to challenges like COVID-19. Downtown Summerside is a strong, resilient community and we are ready to adapt to this challenge. We want people to think and engage locally and this directory will help them to do so."
Angie Arsenault, Interim Executive Director of Downtown Summerside Inc.

“This online directory will highlight assets and experiences that make our city meaningfully unique as well as leverage Summerside as a safe place to do business. Being conscious of the people’s mindsets in a COVID-19 environment, we want visitors and businesses to feel safe and supported.”
Rose Dennis, Executive Director of Explore Summerside 
“We felt that a collaborative approach was the best strategy to support our local businesses.”
Brian McFeely, City Councillor and Chair of Summerside COVID-19 Task Force 
“Our collective goal is to address the short-term challenges of our business community and to also ensure there is a long-term legacy of this collaboration.”
Justin Doiron, City Councillor and Co-Chair of Summerside COVID-19 Task Force 

Media Contacts 
Brian McFeely 
Chair of Summerside COVID-19 Task Force 
City of Summerside 
Ph.: 902-439-3326 
Tara Maddix 
Executive Director 
Greater Summerside Chamber of Commerce 
Ph.: 902-436-9651 

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