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Economic Development Tools to Make Locating in Summerside Easier

Finding Property at the touch of a button

Technology has become fundamental to our day-to-day lives. Through various devices capable of accessing the internet, we connect with others and access information.
Despite all the ways we can communicate with each other, our devices cannot live our lives for us. The tools we use are only as good as the people that made them and those that use them.  
The Summerside EDO Available Sites tool
The site, the process of being completely repopulated, features commercial and industrial buildings and land, both for sale and for lease within The City of Summerside. Although this concept is not unique, its advantage is its organization and breadth. Let’s examine some noteworthy points.

1. No Ads
We are inundated by ads everywhere we go. Our tool features no ads, only all necessary information.

2. Many Contributors
This is more than the collection of several real estate listings in one place. There are also private sales and leasing opportunities from property managers and business owners, including some that would otherwise not be advertised.

3. Nothing Delisted
As long as a property is available, it will be visible. Listings will not be deleted even if they’ve been available for an extended time.

4. No Cost
There is no exchange of money on the site. It is a tool that increases visibility with the intent to connect buyers with sellers, and lessees with lessors.

5. Impartiality
There is no preferred placing of one listing over another. We display listings, a party expresses interest, and we connect them with the appropriate person.

Our EDO sells the community, which involves a comprehensive knowledge of the properties available. There are 44 listings on our tool, 22 are pending, and many more are coming. Our goal is to diligently search for spaces and have available everything from 100 sq ft to 100,000 sq ft properties listed for all to view.  If you have space you would like listed, please contact Neil at the EDO at 902-432-1331 or via email at
In Your Vicinity … making the connection between Employee and Employer
Boss: “Johnson, give me the number of job seekers in the catchment area.”
Johnson: “Sure thing, boss. Oh, wait for a second…”

When it comes to labour, there are some numbers anyone can access. Statistics Canada provides several useful labour metrics, such as labour force, employment rate, unemployment rate, participation rate, commuting times, and job tenure. Occupational classes and industry growth statistics are also available. This information coupled with data from post-secondary enrollment in sector-related programs, you have painted a fairly accurate picture. It’s not quite the method the boss asked for, but rather on the periphery.
The goal was to produce a number of job seekers. Although unemployment numbers are helpful, it’s anyone’s guess how many people are looking for work and what their skills are.
There is a wealth of information out there including job sites with resumes posted, however, they are not well organized. Fortunately, we have identified a solution.
Vicinity Jobs is a multifaceted workforce tool that the City of Summerside uses for labour supply, among other statistics. Vicinity gathers public labour information which it analyzes, resulting in a database that chronicles job seekers in Summerside and surrounding areas. Searches can be done by date, location, experience (junior, mid-level, senior, etc.), and by education (high school, post-secondary, graduate, etc.). A key feature is the availability of searches by industry (NAICS) or occupation (NOC).
NAICS and NOC searches allow the enumeration of job seekers in specific areas. This is of interest to those looking to build or expand a business in Summerside since these searches provide a key piece of their decision-making process. In fact, one company recently made the decision to relocate in Summerside based on the findings from Vicinity.
It proves that Johnson can rest easy after all.


Magnet: Summerside’s Labour Matchmaking Tool
In another newsletter article, we discussed Vicinity, a data tool used to summarize and analyze labour supply. Such a tool is very useful since it can assist in the decision-making process to start, relocate, or expand a business.
Filling job vacancies is a challenge for virtually any company or recruiter. What is the most efficient way of finding the best candidates and how can they be reached?  Even though there is no shortage of job websites, they often have their own agendas such as maximizing the number of page views and clicks and having employers compete with one another for the top listing. A number of large companies have their own divisions or dedicated websites to handle their recruitment, however, most enterprises depend on traditional advertising methods or job sites.
One must also be conscious of how user profiles are assembled. It is difficult to properly match employers with employees based on resumes and algorithms. Whether you are an employer or an employee, finding the right candidates/opportunities is quite challenging.
For these reasons and more, The City of Summerside has partnered with Magnet, a job matchmaking tool that was created at Ryerson University in 2014. It began with the realization of the extent of unemployment and underemployment of skilled workers in Ontario, particularly recent grads. Magnet works closely with 5 stakeholder groups (Education, Government, Labour, Not-for-Profit, and Industry) with the intent to establish lasting relationships between these groups and job seekers. Currently, Magnet boasts:
— 100,000 job seekers
— 10,000 employers
— 30 University and College Partners
— 235 Community Partners, incl. Summerside
Job seekers create a profile, detailing their skills, education, location preferences, etc. and then receive notices of appropriate job opportunities. Employers post job vacancies and receive information on qualified and interested applicants. A key feature of Magnet is that the poster will be notified of the number of people who would receive the posting. Thus, an employer could gather information about an anticipatory position without actually activating it.
Since the City of Summerside is a Community Partner, Magnet is free for employers and job seekers. For employers, we are happy to create postings for you if you prefer. Recently, we posted positions for two local firms. Magnet was able to execute a search of available candidates with very specific skills to fill openings in Summerside. The searches identified 48 candidates for one position and 23 for the other from across the country. Thus, we were able to connect the job seekers with the job opportunities in a rapid and efficient manner.
To create your employer, employee, or recruiter profile, go to or for more information please contact Neil at the Economic Development Office
If you are considering establishing a business in Summerside or have any questions, please contact

Michael Thususka
Director of Economic Development City of Summerside
275 Fitzroy Street, Summerside PE C1N 1H9
M: 902.432.0103, E:

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