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City of Summerside Economic Development ANNUAL REPORT 2017


The City of Summerside is a place with a strong sense of community and an open-for-business mindset, where entrepreneurial and innovative ambitions are at the forefront of activity. Guided by a strategic vision, the Economic Development Office's (EDO) mandate is to generate wealth through job creation, increase annual commercial and industrial assessment, and grow the labour pool to achieve economic well-being. These goals set at the very foundation of the EDO and initiatives to achieve them have established Summerside as a small city with big opportunities just as our advertising says. It is a story showcasing everything possible within an environment that is safe, cost-effective and accessible.
2017 marked a significant turning point
2017 represented a significant turning point in cultivating relationships, furthering Summerside’s innovation agenda and supporting business expansion and attraction. The concerted effort was made to build more robust tools and services under the Office’s web portal and an expanded social media following through the dedicated Twitter account @SummersideBiz.
Some highlights include:
•    Engaging with over 50 local enterprises seeking expansion advice regards labour recruitment and investment briefs on the fiscal advantages of the city
•    Opening over 75 new investment files with clients looking to establish a presence in PEI including Start
 UP Visa candidates facilitated through our partners at Innovation PEI
•    Creating over 2,000 unique impressions through social media feeds on doing business in Summerside, raising the profile of opportunities that exist in our market
•    Participating in 10 industry events focussed on investment and trade development
•    Developing new tools and collateral for the city’s EDO website to further promote the unique advantages of doing business in Summerside
•    Attracting three new clients to our Living Lab program
•    Working with internal partners, fostering a growing relationship with Samsung Renewable Energy to advance investment and innovation ambitions

Looking forward to 2018
As we move into 2018, we will continue to uncover immediate opportunities while maintaining the long-term view of creating a sustainable economy. We will be looking to engage more passion from our business leaders to help us lead and advocate for Summerside. When it comes to promoting the value of an economic investment in Summerside, there can never be too many people engaged in doing so and in 2018, a major tenet of our activities will focus on ensuring we are all on the same page for messaging that stays consistent, relevant and business focussed.

As Chair of EDO, I have set the goal of ensuring Summerside is recognized as a provincial, national and international leader in creating an environment that stimulates economic growth.

Collaborating with our regional and national partners, we will continue to lead, facilitate and promote investment and growth opportunities in our city. Together, we can and will achieve our goals.
Councillor Brent Gallant
Chair, Economic Development
You can download the City of Summerside Economic Development Annual Report 2017 here
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