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A Holiday Message from the Chair and Staff of Economic Development

We know Christmas means different things for each of us, but in a year when ‘normal’ and ‘routine’ have all but been abandoned, we hope that the approaching holiday season will feel like a very welcome traditional time charged with a renewed sense of meaning. 
2021 has been yet another challenging year for everybody and the challenges presented by the Covid-19 pandemic are unprecedented. The impact that it has had on our daily lives and business operations has been significant. However, Summerside has been (and is currently) blessed with some of the most adaptable and innovative enterprises and employees, that rise to challenges, go above and beyond and find ways to bring business continuity to an otherwise changing landscape. 
On behalf of the Office of Economic Development and our Chair Brian McFeely we wish you all a safe and happy holiday and look forward to a prosperous and ‘normal’ 2022. As we navigated through another successful year with unprecedented challenges, we just want to say thanks to all our businesses, entrepreneurs, and workers who continue to build and grow our great economy of Summerside. 



The City of Summerside is perfectly positioned midway between major North American and European cities.  Located in Prince Edward Island (PEI) off the Atlantic Coast of Canada, its traditional trade corridors of roads, sea and air—enhanced by technology-based assets like high-speed fiber and ecosystem programs—ensure easy access. With over 70% of PEI exports directly exported to the US, all corridors are well established and proven by time. And it’s less than a 12-hour drive to major US markets (Boston/New York) and Central Ontario.

Summerside has no minimum corporate tax, no payroll tax, no corporate capital or franchise tax and no business or occupation tax. What it does have is one of the lowest-cost environments in the G7. With continuing growth across all business sectors, Summerside is serious about ensuring projects happen and investors make money.  
Summerside comes fully equipped for long-term ROI. With over 68% of the City’s energy coming from green renewables, plus investments in wind, solar battery and explorations into hydrogen, fiber-to-the-curb initiatives, an Eco-Industrial Park, Living Lab program, Xchange Accelerator, international partners, and networks exploiting North American markets, Summerside creates tomorrow’s future today.

You never have to go it alone in Summerside. Summerside has the municipal mindset to support business growth and its collaborative partnerships are designed and driven to ensure global success. The City’s support programs have been honed to reduce the risks of expansion by establishing cost certainties, improving returns and easing the start‐up transition. Cost certainties are centered on capital, labour and access to infrastructure assistance. Summerside inspires pro-business government support at all levels. In 2020 alone, Canada’s federal government invested over $70M in the City. 
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Building the Foundation 
Summerside building permits have been a frequent topic of this newsletter, and for good reason: they are a great bellwether of investment activity in a community. From 2018-onward there has been a systematic increase in total value each year. Traditionally, a consistent year in Summerside averages around $20M total. Since 2017 our private and public sectors partners have seen the ROI of investing in Summerside and we are setting investment records. 

Source: City of Summerside, Dept. of Technical Services 
*2021 is complete up to Nov. 30 

Commercial/Industrial values have been on a positive trajectory since 2019, containing many major business projects.

Summerside Butcher Shop (Addition) 
Livingston Steel (Addition) 
French School Board (Addition) 
Granville Street Plaza (Alterations) 
Holland College (Office Fit-up) 
City of Summerside (New Hotel) 
City of Summerside (New Dome Sports Facility) 
West End Industry Corridor (Alterations) 
Generation XX (Alterations) 

Summerside’s credentials and investment activity reinforce again that this City has all the main-street capabilities of a larger urban setting, but with a stronger sense of investment potential. With growth skyrocketing to triple-digit demand in all sectors and available real estate sitting at an all-time low, Summerside continues to engage and invite developers and investors to come to check out investment opportunities in the real estate market. Current vacancies in housing, retail, commercial, and industrial are in the single digits, well below provincial and national standards, which is putting demand for space at an all-time high. Our trajectory is trending in the right direction but still has many opportunities in the market to capitalize on this growth potential. 
Summerside in Numbers

If interested in learning more about investment opportunities, economic development support or opportunities for growth, please call our Economic Development Professionals.
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Michael Thususka
Director of Economic Development City of Summerside
275 Fitzroy Street, Summerside PE C1N 1H9
M: 902.432.0103, E:

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