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With a population nearing 17,000, a local trading area of over 45,000, more than 850 businesses, and an electric utility that produces 62% of energy needs from clean sources, Summerside is a growing city offering vast investment and employment opportunities.

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Power Up with BluWave-ai
BluWave-ai delivers artificial intelligence (AI) to accelerate the world’s transformation to renewable energy. We are already at the forefront of the industry, building truly revolutionary products. We currently have 26 patent applications, with targets for many more in 2024. Our goal is to become the world's premier renewable energy and transport electrification AI company in Canada and
… we are looking for new team
members to help us get there.
If you can set a high enough bar and fail high, it’s still achieved a lot, so, but don’t set the bar at four. You’ll be in trouble in Blue-wave-ai if you set the bar at four. If you know fully well that you can blow past that, we have an interest in growing our Summerside office substantially.” — Devashish Paul
We can all learn together
If you would like to join a winning team where your ideas are encouraged — regardless of your role, years of experience or background — our team of PhDs, new grads, and assorted talents would be delighted to have you. BluWave-ai encourages growth and innovation to all who join, learning from one another as we go and encouraging everyone to share. In addition to a competitive salary and exceptional stability (no layoffs since company inception) every day arrives with the promise of contributing to the mission of decarbonizing Planet Earth. By using hardware more efficiently with AI software, we increase the use of clean energy in smart grids and microgrids with distributed energy resources, demand response, and transactive business models. As an example, BluWave-ai is partnering with Dubai Taxi to decarbonize their fleet with electric vehicles managed by artificial intelligence. We have also expanded our presence in Japan with a project to optimize energy at industrial grid-attached plants with solar energy and battery storage. Moreover, BluWave-ai’s EV Fleet Orchestrator product has shown a 13% improvement in efficiency for the Tesla taxi fleet connected via Smartcar API (Application Programming Interface). And just for fun, we recently partnered with the City of Summerside to present a fabulous Bryan Adams concert using 100% solar power.
If you think you could be a good fit
Take Flight with StandardAero!
StandardAero is one of the world’s largest independent providers of aviation services, including engine and airframe maintenance, repair and overhaul, engine component repair, engineering services, interior completions and paint applications. We serve a diverse array of customers in business and general aviation, airline, military, helicopter, components and energy markets. In one single year, our Summerside facility set a record by inducting over 1,000 engines for overhaul
… and we still seek more staff!
Our facility here is Summerside is a center of excellence, and that is a testament to our fantastic team and company morale. If you’re considering a life change or a possible move, consider the city as Summerside and Standard Aero as a possible career opportunity.” — Mike MacDougall
Investing in our employees comes standard
If you want to reach and exceed your potential, we will give you every opportunity to do so by providing on-the-job training and advancement courses. Whether it be cross-training to broaden knowledge within the business, leadership development courses or other external training, we know investing in our people always makes us better. We encourage innovation from all employees and have a strong culture of continuous improvement within the business where we empower employees to ask questions, collaborate and share ideas. At Standard Aero, you can always count on purpose in addition to a healthy paycheque. Permitting the best work-life balance possible, StandardAero offers flexibility with shifts, a rewarding compensation package including complete medical and dental coverage at no cost to employees, as well as a pension plan with a 5% company match. Our culture is built on respect, open communication, and recognition of a job well done. We focus on teamwork to create a supportive environment where everyone can bring their skills and perspectives to the table. With over 100 years of experience in the aviation industry, we have the stability, resources and training to help you achieve your career goals as a valuable part of our team.
If you think you could be a good fit

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Summerside’s economy has experienced dramatic growth and diversity over the past decade. Enterprises range from high tech to food processing, cleantech, tourism, retail and light industry. Twenty-five percent of the City’s businesses are large corporate and public institutions, seventy-five per cent have between 1 and 10 employees. It is an economy attracting both small businesses and multinationals. Today, Summerside is home to many Fortune 500 subsidiaries. 

This growth has facilitated fast track opportunities to get in on the ground floor of many transitioning operations as well as emerging technology firms. Summerside has never been better positioned to satisfy the most particular career goals in such a lifestyle-rich environment. 

Summerside is Prince Edward Island's second
largest city and a community all geared to the future.
Summerside Multipurpose Dome
Arts in Motion
Bryan Adams Concert
World U17 Hockey Challenge at Credit Union Place
DiverseCity Festival
The Lanes at Credit Union Place
Yuletide Village
Arts Festival
Basket Making at Lefurgey Cultural Centre
Wrestling at Summerside Lobster Carnival
Jerry Seinfeld LIVE in 2023

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