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When a Community Comes Together … You Can Move Mountains. A Story on Labour Recruitment

Recently, our Local City Council, our Hospital Foundation Board and Members of the Health Team at our Local Hospital came together to announce an important collaborative partnership to help address some shortages within our Health Care Services. Like most jurisdictions across the globe, labour is a key element in growing a successful community and none more so than the important work of our front-line Medical Teams.

Having a strong, stable and energetic Health Services Community is an integral part of a vibrant community. Economic Development Attraction and recruitment relies on this sector as much as any and ensuring we have the right complement of staff is vital. Our local Hospital has recently been challenged to find seasoned Nurses specifically in our ICU and Emergency Department. Our Provincial leaders work hard every day to ensure we have a full team complement. However, locally we realized that if we are not vested in the process, create a Made in Summerside support mechanism and engage in the future of our community, we are just bystanders in a complex ecosystem.

With that, our City Council and Hospital Foundation Board stepped up to fill these urgent gaps in our nursing complement in Summerside with the goal to attract seasoned ICU and ER Nurses to join our local team. And, our local business community stepped up to help in the process.

Today the City, Foundation and Business Community laid out a very detailed strategic mission to attract a minimum of three ICU experienced nurses:
  • Supplementing the Provinces incentive program, the City and Foundation are each contributing $10,000 per candidate to fill these three critical positions for a total of $30,000 per organization.
And let’s not forget those front-line staff who have been working day in and out; retention is as important as hiring for long-term sustainability.

Today the City and Foundation announced that every member of the ICU and Emergency Department Nursing Team will be receiving a free family membership for our Recreation Complex and receiving from our Business Community a small voucher of appreciation. Further, the Foundation is also providing staff bursaries intended to encourage retention in ICU in hopes of alleviating strain on the understaffed department.

And finally, we can’t overlook the entire team within the hospital ecosystem from the Hospital Gift Shop staff to the crews that keep the Hospital clean. The City will be undertaking a monthly draw for all full-time staff for a free family membership and Business voucher.

Today is about a community responding to a challenge, recognizing we all have a part to play and stepping up to make things happen.
Are you an ICU/ER Nurse looking for a new opportunity?
Do you have a family member or friend interested who is and might be interested in learning about the exciting career opportunities at PCH and in Summerside?

If so, this new collaboration is one of the leading recruitment packages in all of Canada targeting ICU/ER specialists!

Share this story and reach out directly to Mike at to have a discussion.

We can’t wait to hear from you!
We in Summerside continue to move the mountain one rock at a time!

Summerside Housing Need and Demand Study Completed “There has never been a better time to build in Summerside”
“There has never been a better time to build in Summerside than now”, quotes Brian McFeely, Chair of the Economic Development Committee. “With a tightening real estate market and rolling stock of inventory reaching low levels and investment activity projected to reach another record level in 2021, opportunities for built housing stock across the housing market spectrum is ripe with opportunity,” concludes McFeely. 
The City of Summerside Economic Development Department commissioned the recent Housing Need and Demand Assessment in order to fully understand but also quantify specific market opportunities in the housing sector. With several large tracts of land being contemplated for development, employment expansion demand from local area business and new investment taking hold in Summerside, the need for housing and ensuring an adequate supply is critical to the longer-term growth and prosperity of Summerside. 
The report was conducted by Preferred Choice, a Strategic Development firm that specializes in the advancement of development. The firm has been entrusted with over 140 assignments including 29 housing projects. Preferred Choice has delivered a range of project services to support the advancement of Housing Development from market assessments and demographic analysis to venture financial analysis and business plans to community housing plans.
Based on Summerside’s recent economic growth and trends, it is estimated that a minimum of 80 housing units annually (across the continuum of housing options) for the next 16 years is required to satisfy base current and future demand. Given the community’s strong current economic climate and future potential, there are several factors that may drive higher growth opportunities for Summerside beyond the base modelling in the 2021 housing need and demand assessment.

Key Report Findings
1.   There is a strong anticipated need for additional housing and rental housing in the City of Summerside over the next 15 years with a further 1,025 to 1,250 dwelling units needed in the next 15 years should forecast population growth occur.

2.   There is potential for additional housing growth in the City of Summerside above base forecast levels through active attraction of seniors, rural residents moving into the community, international immigration, and attraction of individuals throughout the region and beyond.

3.   Potential additional housing growth in the City of Summerside at a healthy pace over the next 15 years would require about 655 to 800 lots for about 625 to 760 single-family dwellings and about 410 to 500 multi-unit dwellings.

4.   The City of Summerside must actively engage developers and builders to encourage, facilitate, assist, and advance the development of housing to address the projected housing needs of Summerside.

5.   Even with the strong pace of growth over the past decade with the addition of over 815 units, there is still unmet demand in the Summerside Market for both housing ownership and rental.
“This report is timely and statistically relevant to many larger projects the City is working on with developers including our signature downtown Core Block redevelopment and Hippenstall Land Tract,” concluded McFeely.


The full report can be downloaded here.

Summerside PEI Request for Proposal
 Exclusive opportunity to set the stage for the future in the heart of this vibrant city
The City of Summerside, led by the Department of Economic Development, is inviting expressions of interest in a limited-time opportunity for the purchase and redevelopment of the land(s) informally known as the Core Block Land(s) at the corner of Summer and Water Street. The City is seeking high-calibre developers with a proven track record of outstanding, architecturally significant projects and the capacity to execute said projects in a timely manner.

This Request for Proposal (RFP) is specifically looking for development proposals that:

1. Make the best commercial and residential use of the property in terms of diversity and intensification.

2. Advance the goals of the City’s Downtown Urban Core Plan.

3. Contribute to the creation of a mixed-use district that enlivens and enriches the downtown core.

We have already had a significant level of interest in this project and hope to be able to find a partner to make it a reality.

Are you a developer or do you know of a developer looking for an exclusive and signature opportunity to reshape a downtown core?

If so, reach out to Mike at to learn more about this exciting tract of land and the aggressive collaboration that the City is looking to engage with.
Opportunities await. Don’t miss yours!

Summerside Releases Construction Tenders for Largest Renewable Project in Prince Edward Island

The City of Summerside has recently released its three Engineering, Procurement, and Construction request for proposals for its Summerside Sunbank project, a utility-scale Solar and Battery Infrastructure Project. 

The project’s primary mandate is to demonstrate how utilities can integrate large-scale solar PV and storage solutions that are impactful, responsive and green. This project will deploy a community microgrid combining 21MWac of solar PV generation with a 10MW/20MWh battery energy storage system within the City of Summerside. This will build on the City’s existing wind capacity and leverage its capability in forecasting, scheduling and operating resources. It is expected to reduce imports of electricity from 58% to 38% and enable Summerside to become 62% green for all its electricity needs.

The three RFP Packages can be obtained via the following links:
The RFP Contact is
Greg Gaudet. P.Eng.,
Director of Municipal Services,
The City of Summerside
To Learn More about PEI’s largest Renewable Energy Project visit our website.

We look forward to embarking on this exciting project and continuing to grow and support our local business community and our pursuits to 100% renewable energy!



Summerside Xchange Enters Next Phase with Pitch and Bridge Startup Competition
The Board of Directors of the Summerside Xchange are pleased to announce the next phase in the development of the Summerside Xchange: the Pitch & Bridge Summerside startup competition. This is an international startup competition with a proven track record powered by our partners in Smart Landing Program Canada. Earlier in March, the call went out to a global network of entrepreneurs to join this exclusive competition with the winner gaining fast-track admission into the Summerside Xchange Accelerator Program. 
The competition called for innovative companies engaged in Energy Innovation and Waste/By-Product Upcycling. Over 18 submissions were received from six different countries. The competition enters its next phase, which is a month-long mentoring process, with the final pitch event being slated for May 26th. The competition will be decided by a jury of Xchange board members and subject matter experts, which will result in one grand prize winner, who will receive fast-track admission into the program, and two secondary winners, who will receive a custom mentoring package from the Xchange. 
This will further cement the goals of the Xchange Board in supporting a minimum of 6 companies in 2021. Currently, Xchange has one confirmed client and two going through their final vetting and project scope. Stay tuned for further announcements in the coming months. 
Summerside Xchange is a new startup accelerator program in Prince Edward Island that provides real-life testing and experimentation and prepares startups for fundraising from North American VCs. The program helps international startups to find the best resources for establishing and scaling their companies in Canada and throughout North America. The goals of the Xchange are to:
  1. Create Jobs – Build exciting companies and enabling new jobs for the community
  2. Attract Money – Attract new investment into the sector, both public and private
  3. Increase Awareness – Position Summerside to raise awareness of Economic Development and entrepreneurial ecosystem
In the coming months, the Xchange will be launching its full online presence, as well as other exciting developments and community events. Looking forward to seeing you at one of our events this year!

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