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The Good, the Bad and the ABSOLUTELY AMAZING


Just look what Summerside accomplished!
Despite the challenges that faced us all
●   60 new businesses established in 2020
●   Over 30 PNP businesses open, employing 80 people
●   160 immigrant investors destined to arrive
●   Over 43,000 sq ft of new Industrial/Commercial space absorbed
     by new businesses
●   370 building permits, an increase of 56% over 2019
●   Over $42 million in permit value
●   Increase of 51% in Industrial/Commercial development investment
●   Completion of infrastructure for 8 new industrial lots
●   Start of design on first two 15,000 sq ft buildings in Summerside
     Business Commons Eco Park
●   Business Commons Eco Park to provide 115,000 sq ft of light
     manufacturing space
●   Over $58 million in grant funding for Summerside Sunbank
●   Start of work on downtown Core Block redevelopment
●   Start on the rezoning of Hippenstall’s Corner
●   37 new single-family dwellings
●   44 new semi-detached units
●   21 new townhouses
●   5 new row houses totalling 30 units
●   3 new apartment buildings totalling 22 units
●   New suite of site-selection data analysis tools
●   Updated Business Directory
●   3 direct investment prospects from the UK
●   3 Living Lab projects for foreign companies looking to expand
     into North America
●   Business satisfaction rate of 90%+ per Business Retention Survey

Local companies continuing to expand
Despite the challenging times that we experienced in 2020, Summerside saw more companies looking to invest in both human and capital resources so as to further strengthen their ability to service their clients. Given Summerside’s quality infrastructure, sound business fundamentals and stewardship in renewable energy, businesses want to invest here in order to build capacity and grow their operations in our city.

Given our investments in major projects such as Sunbank, Downtown and Recreation, more companies are looking to forge relationships with Summerside so as to play an active role as we move our infrastructure forward. The 2020 announcement of the Summerside Business Commons Eco Park saw a sharp increase in interest with not only the infrastructure but the philosophy and strategy behind it. Internationally, 2020 inquiries were grounded on our legacy work, positioning Summerside as the gateway to North America. Companies are looking to establish a foothold in North America to shore up supply chains and to be closer to their customer base. Summerside is a great choice for this investment and we see it in all sectors, including Manufacturing, Aerospace, and Renewable Energy. 
Read more about new projects, achievements and plans for this year in the Summerside Economic Development Annual Report 2020 that The City of Summerside is pleased to represent.


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