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China Gold Fortune International expands to Summerside to establish its North American Centre of Excellence

Based in Beijing China, China Gold Fortune International have opened an office as their first step
towards the establishment of their Smart Electric Meter and LED Assemble Facility to be built in
Summerside over the next year.

China Gold Fortune International Group specializes in developing and producing intelligent instruments,
specializing on smart meters and other next generation products. Their products have been exported to
North America, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, South Asia, and Central Asia. The company's product
offering includes: remote control smart meters, prepaid IC card gas meters, prepaid IC card water
meters, industrial gas flow meters, LED Lighting Products and related instruments and equipment.

“Given that the company specializes in smart grid appliances and management solutions and with
Summerside moving towards smarter solutions for its electric utility it makes this opportunity a perfect
fit” says Brent Gallant, Chair of Summerside’s Economic Development Committee.

President and CEO, Mr. Zheng commends Summerside on their innovative approach to energy
management, municipal operations and next generation products and most importantly its operating
philosophy. “Summerside is an excellent fit for our growth plans in North American. Our working
relationship with City and Innovation PEI officials has provided access to the decision makers we need to
develop our business.” Mr. Zheng cites the positive business environment as one of the main reasons to
locate their North American operations in Summerside. The City’s key infrastructure and living lab
platform were also key factors for Zheng as both provide business with a real-world environment to test
and develop products in a controlled environment. Initially the company will have two senior staff work
directly with government and private sector partners to establish relationships and business practices.
The longer term goal is to construct a large assemble factory to manufacture their suite of products.

"It is my privilege and pleasure to welcome China Gold Fortune to Prince Edward Island and to our
LaunchPad PEI program," said Economic Development and Tourism Minister Heath
MacDonald. "LaunchPad PEI is an excellent vehicle that has supported many businesses in developing
international markets, and we look forward to China Gold Fortune growing and thriving in the City of

Representatives from Innovation PEI and the City’s Economic Development Department pitched PEI and
Summerside last year on a trade mission to Beijing as a potential location. “This investment is another
example of how our partnerships and approach to positioning Summerside is getting results. We are
very excited about China Gold Fortunes plans for Summerside” quotes Mayor Martin.
China Gold Fortune will initially set up operations out of the Launchpad in the Holman’s Centre,
downtown Summerside.

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