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Two Languages: It’s good for business Report

The report outlines eight direct benefits arising from having access to bilingualism as well as six significant opportunities that can be leveraged as part of a bilingual strategy. The report confirms that the bilingual advantage does not just benefit bilingual people, but in fact shows that unilingual persons benefit even more. Aside from the obvious advantages of two languages, including the capability to conduct commerce across Canada and around the globe in a customer’s native tongue, it helps local communities attract and retain a vibrant and diverse culture. 

English remains the dominant language in both PEI and Summerside (spoken by 92.2 percent of all residents) with French the second most prevalent language (3.7 percent in PEI and 5.2 percent in Summerside). Those speaking both official languages account for 0.3 percent of PEI’s population and 0.4 percent of Summerside’s. 

It is obvious from this report that two languages is an important economic asset in our growing global economy and our opportunity now is in finding how we can better understand and embrace the untapped potential for our economic growth. While Summerside is centred in the bilingual region of PEI, we have to find ways to better embrace and tap into this key differentiator for business.

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IOS Call Centre is up and Operational

The IOS Call centre has officially moved into its new Summerside location at 56 Central Street. The building has undergone significant renovations over the past 4 months to accommodate this new firm in Summerside.

The City of Summerside in partnership with ACOA, Innovation PEI and IO Solutions have finalized the re-investment opportunity in downtown Summerside that saw significant rehabilitation to an existing underutilized multi-tenant commercial property. IOS will see an initial 100 jobs start up within the next 4 months with the potential to grow to 140 jobs. IO Solutions Call Center Inc. (IOS) is a business process outsource (BPO) based in PEI and has selected Summerside through a competitive process for its required expansion opportunities. 

The official opening is scheduled for Thursday, September 29.

Economic Development Division to Release Innovation Strategy RFP in coming weeks

We are all well aware of the advantages of the “green movement” and the importance it plays in the future of our environment and business competitiveness. Investing in and having green technologies and infrastructure as part of a municipalitie’s arsenal of attributes is becoming more and more prevalent with companies, both existing and potentials, looking to invest in a community, and the city is positioning itself to be a leader in this regard, but much work is left to do.

Aside from the obvious advantages to business in Summerside by having a municipality which owns and operates its own critical infrastructure, critical to running a business, Summerside is showing itself as a leader of all municipalities on Prince Edward Island in this regard by taking a strategic priority in investing in a wide offering of green municipally services. 

Summerside’s Economic Development Division is issuing an RFP within the coming weeks to engage a team to assist in the development of a road map for success. The goal of this RFP is to assist internal and external stakeholders, led by the City to develop an action orientated strategy and execution plan for ensuring we maximize the City’s potential given its available, but underutilized assets in the “Green/Eco Sector” as well as Summerside’s intrinsic sectors of excellence. Critical to this project, aside from inventorying and understanding our assets and their cross capabilities, is assisting the City in developing a plan to seize economic development opportunities that will grow and sustain our economy. 

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