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Summerside economy continues to diversify

Nautican Research and Development expands to Slemon Park

Summerside is known as the Aerospace Hub of Prince Edward Island and this month, with the expansion of Nautican Research and Development the Marine Sector in Summerside, took a significant step forward in this growing and exciting new cluster in PEI. This announcement will see a partnership between Nautican and Babcock Canada with assistance from the Provincial Government under their Marine Tax program that will bring a manufacturing facility and 21 new full-time jobs over the next three years – joining the six employees already working in PEI.

Nautican is a marine propulsion company that engineers, produces and fabricates propulsion solutions for the Marine Industry which are used on many types and sizes of vessels and help deliver higher fuel efficiency, better maneuverability, and higher power output. 

Babcock Canada is providing Nautican with a significant investment to purchase the equipment for its new manufacturing facility.

Prince Edward Island’s Marine Strategy helps to favourably position Summerside for further investment in this sector given the cross over skills from the aerospace industry and the technical and training partners in the region along with the significant cost advantages of Summerside.

The Advanced Marine Technology (AMT) tax Assistance program is a 10 year tax rebate program that applies to eligible companies which establish operations within Prince Edward Island. To learn more about this program, visit

Launchpad Summerside:
A great incubation tool for growing
small business

LaunchPad Summerside, established under the Provincial Launchpad PEI program, has been providing assistance and support to Summerside start-ups for over 10 years. Through the dedicated space at Launchpad Holman’s Centre numerous early stage enterprises have been assisted with both physical space and support networks critical to small business start-ups.

LaunchPad Summerside is more than just physical space, it’s a Small Enterprise Networking Zone specifically designed to provide the key success ingredients for small business. Launchpad provides assistance with technical, financing, product development, and marketing in an environment that cultivates collaboration. 

Originally developed by the Provincial Government in 2002, the program was designed to help new business ventures in IT and Professional Services navigate through their first year of operation by providing subsidized professional office space in Summerside.

Launchpad Holman’s Fast Facts:
  • Open to start-ups or new businesses expanding into PEI, the majority of which are in the ICT, Interactive Media or Professional Services sector;
  • Companies are evaluated based on the skill sets and experience of the founders, innovation of their product or service offering, and market potential;
  • Through the Provincial Launchpad Program, clients are screened and evaluated. A viability study is conducted and any skills gaps or foreseeable stumbling blocks are noted for future professional development efforts.

It’s more than just physical space
  • Professional and secure office space;
  • Qualified advice and services from legal and accounting firms;
  • Access to a one-on-one business advisor;
  • Access to capital programs that can assist in product development, marketing, and hiring;
  • Involvement of Trade Team PEI for sales missions to jurisdictions of priority;
  • Mentorship opportunities from our network in the business and IT sector;
  • Access to events from local associations including networking with local IT businesses and investment opportunities through the Chambers of Commerce;
  • LaunchPad PEI has partnered with Propel ICT, an Atlantic Canadian accelerator which offers programming in the areas of mentorship, access to capital, and marketing;
  • Links to UPEI and Holland College for student recruitment;
  • Relationship with Government entities such as Innovation PEI and Skills PEI who offer programs to assist with hiring, skills development and more.
To learn more about the Launchpad Program and Summerside’s Holman’s Launchpad, visit Innovation PEI at                          

Summerside’s Living Lab:
Looking for projects 

Summerside’s Living Lab platform is founded on open and accessible infrastructure capable of accelerating enterprise and innovators commercialization cycle, assisting with product/service evaluation and reducing research and development time. Access to key decision makers with quick turnaround times is a key feature of Summerside’s lab platform which understands the speed of business.

Summerside understands the gaps between prototype and table top experiments and full scale commercialization. Summerside has some of the most advanced infrastructure in North America including a multi-faceted Electric Utility, a strong renewable portfolio and extensive municipal assets that rival those of a large-scale global city. Summerside’s belief in opening up this expensive infrastructure to assist companies and innovators to leverage its potential as part of the industrial validation process is a key priority to filling a gap between design and full scale adoption for business and community advancement.

Summerside’s Living Lab environment allows companies, researchers, and developers to work directly with the community and its unique infrastructure to further product development, program applications and product testing and integration in a real world setting. The key purpose of our living lab program is to allow enterprise to test their applications in a real life setting.

We provide both virtual and physical assets that allow enterprise/innovators to develop and deploy solutions. Our strength is our people, infrastructure and networks which promote the furthering of mutual interest in an open and collaborative way.

The variety of potential applications is endless but a number resonate in Summerside based on existing priorities.

Summerside is seeking partnerships in the following areas: 
  • Electric Storage and Grid Integration
  • Electric Vehicles (including Bus and Passenger Vehicle)
  • Electric Car Charger Solutions with Battery Storage
  • Security and Surveillance
  • Appliance Control
  • Residential Environmental Controls
  • Smart Home Innovation
  • Medical Home Care Solutions
  • Solar Energy Integration
  • Bio Fuel from Waste
  • Advanced IT Development
  • Interoperability for Big Data
To learn more about Summerside’s Living Lab visit or contact the Office of Economic Development at

Summerside’s Economic Development Office expands service through a new dedicated Economic Development website

With the creation of a new and improved innovative website, Summerside’s Economic Development Office has developed a unique website to help business professionals find the information they need to be successful in Summerside. Appropriately titled, the online multifaceted web presence reflects Summerside’s attractive, forward looking infrastructure and articulates the business advantages quantifying why Summerside is the ideal choice for business decision makers looking to relocate, start-up or expand.
The site utilizing the latest in interactive tools and networking apps was designed by the island branding studio, Art Fresh. The website is packed with essential information for commercial enterprises already established in Summerside and those looking to launch businesses in the city, including labour force tools, real estate information and business directory., with a user-friendly interface, is a rich compendium of relevant information about “the city to watch” for growth and excellence in infrastructure and provides a one-stop shop for the critical information needed by business executives and entrepreneurs as they consider growth, labour and expansion opportunities. provides direct links to the City of Summerside main website providing access to other community information.

The interactive site has deep data banks and links to the latest information on topics ranging from the housing market to financing of businesses, and from white papers to descriptions of green infrastructure and community amenities. serves as a one-stop hub for entrepreneurs and business people. It is designed to grow and to be continuously updated, as the business community in Summerside expands and services to enterprise evolve. provides timely and concise information designed to ensure clients seeking economic, labour and investment information is provided in a concise and user friendly platform.


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