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50/50 Central's Automation of Lottery Sales

Summerside — A World Leader in Innovation

The Challenge
Test newly developed hardware and software for the automation of lottery ticket sales and conduct live field tests in a real-world environment.

The Approach
50/50 Central approached the City of Summerside to facilitate live field tests of new touch-screen technology it had developed in the lab. Working with the City’s IT and recreation staff, the company conducted tests at local sporting events, with Junior Hockey providing the sample size needed to build a global business case.

The Results
After product refinements in Summerside, 50/50 Central developed a market-ready system that has achieved huge success throughout North America and the world. On presenting its proven business case, the company had prospects actually lining up in Summerside to see the technology first hand. From there, they soon signed deals with the Calgary Flames, Chicago Cubs, Boston Red Sox, Orlando Magic, Phoenix Coyotes, Boston Bruins, Winnipeg Jets, the Calgary Stampede and World Junior Hockey Championships.
The 50/50 Central system tracks and collects ticket purchases through touch screen kiosks and mobile hand-held devices. Using wired or wireless technology, every transaction is electronically tallied and updated to scoreboards and display areas throughout the venue, creating excitement and increasing ticket sales.

About the Summerside Living Lab

A Living Lab is a platform for industry to collaborate with government in exploring real-world issues and demonstrating how innovation can provide solutions. The overarching goal of Summerside’s Living Lab is to advance innovation and create export development opportunities in partnership with early start-ups or established enterprises, while assisting the City’s growth. The Lab brings together partners with a shared vision that will produce results for those who wish to build business models for advanced deployment in earlier stages of product life.   With its unique and empowering infrastructure, Summerside is a test bed for firms looking to develop real market solutions, validation, and full-scale deployment of products and services.  

In Summerside we understand… 

The Problem: A Business faces challenges validating its technology through rapid testing, prototyping and commercialization. Providing product credibility presents a major barrier.

The Solution: A municipality devoted to reducing development time and validation in a fail-fast/fail-cheap environment — a unique opportunity for rapid commercialization.

The Bottom Line: Summerside provides a robust and sophisticated environment with a unique range of empowering assets including its own electrical company, renewable energy and fibre optic network. It operates in a completely open and mutually beneficial collaborative manner.

Come and grow with us!

If you are interested in validating your technology for North American markets:

Michael Thususka
Director of Economic Development
City of Summerside
275 Fitzroy Street
Summerside PE C1N 1H9
M: 902.432.0103


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