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Summerside Partners with Stash Energy Inc. under Living Lab Program to Accelerate Heat Pump Systems Energy Storage

Utilities around the globe understand the core problem of managing electricity demand fluctuations throughout the day with peaks in the morning and early evening. To manage these fluctuations, utilities need to run more generating stations, which significantly increase operating costs, require more investment in new infrastructure and an increase C02 emissions.

To address one aspect of peak demand drivers, Summerside and Stash Energy have partnered in a pilot unique system: Heat pump storage technology. The Stash Energy Storage system works with conventional heat pumps to thermally store off-peak energy for use during peak times, thus avoiding purchasing additional expensive power. The thermal energy is stored within environmentally friendly materials, using affordable technology. Similar to the City’s Heat for Less Program, this pilot project looks to test common appliances and heat pump systems within a municipality for innovative ways to lessen the impact on the Utility. This evolving technology could reduce the cost of home heating and cooling by an additional 30% over heat pumps alone as well as leverage Summerside’s investment in smart grid technology to manage two-way energy consumption and usage and maximize renewable energy sources.

Summerside’s Living Lab platform is founded on open and accessible infrastructure capable of accelerating enterprises’ and innovators’ commercialization cycles, to assist with product/service evaluation and to reduce research and development time. Access to key decision makers with quick turnaround times is a key feature of Summerside’s lab platform, the City understands the importance of speed in business. Summerside’s living lab is premised on the following:

Technology driven Businesses have challenges in validating their technology in an infrastructure of real world environment concerns when undertaking rapid testing, prototyping and commercializing. The ability to provide credibility to the end consumer in the validation of their product offering is often a major barrier.

Promises from Summerside: 
If interested in partnering with a municipality to reduce the development timeframe and the obstacles of validation towards commercialization and to increase business cycles within a fail safe affordable environment, Summerside is in a position to deliver the ecosystem and networks required to achieve commercialization success in opening up North American Markets.

The City’s robust and sophisticated environment and assets include an electrical company, renewable energy and fibre networks all available in an open and mutually beneficial collaborative model to support enterprise validation. 

This pilot project will see two units installed at Summerside’s makerspace on Greenwood Drive. Work is expected to begin in Mid-March.

About Stash Energy Inc.
Stash Energy Inc. is a spin off from the University Of New Brunswick School Of Engineering of three recent graduates who created an energy storage company based in Atlantic Canada. Stash is committed to developing a cost-effective system that works with conventional heat pumps to store thermal energy. To learn more about Stash Energy, visit the website at

EDO Releases Market Information

The City’s Economic Development Office has recently published four sector profiles for 2017. The sector overviews include Summerside Green — Creating Business Opportunities though Innovation, Aerospace Summerside at Slemon Park, Summerside IT — Providing access to global opportunities, Summerside — The workforce you want and Big Possibilities — let’s build our future together. Electronic versions of the brochures can be found and downloaded at Hard copies are available through the Office of Economic Development. 

Place marketing too often falls into the trap of promoting generic ideas about a community’s business environment. Concepts such as “live, work, play” and “business-friendly” mean little to companies, developers and site selectors, especially in the context of the same terms being bandied about by competing municipalities. It is the ambition of Summerside that these publications speak of the City’s intrinsic strengths and become a valuable tool for business prospects and labour force candidates.

With Spring Approaching, so Follows a Busy Construction Season

As we gear up for another busy construction season, EDO recommends that its clients stay in touch early and often with our Technical Services Department concerning planning and development-related matters. The role of Technical Services is to provide planning and engineering services in the areas of land use, development and infrastructure for the benefit of the citizens of Summerside.

The City of Summerside has established Bylaws to ensure a safe, clean, healthy, functioning community, which secures the well-being of its residents. These goals extend to the private and publicly-owned buildings of our community. By enforcing Bylaws and by extension of the National Building Code, builders, designers and homebuilders are ensured that the structures created are safe not just for today but for many years to come.

For questions on zoning, renovations such as fences, decks or additions or about a particular bylaw, contact Technical Services at, or (902) 432-1262, or contact the Office of Economic Development for assistance. 

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