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The City of Summerside Economic Development adopts robust online job-matching platform to address employment gaps

Welcome to the Department

The Office of Economic Development is pleased to welcome Neil Moore to the department in the capacity of Research Analyst. 

Neil’s background is in physics, atmospheric science, mathematics, and computer science. He has been a member of several research groups across Canada, researching topics ranging from cellular membranes to greenhouse gases. Data analysis, technical writing, and scientific programming are his main strengths. Before joining The Office of Economic Development, Neil was an entrepreneur for 3 years and a software developer for 2 years.

Neil’s primary responsibilities include conducting primary and secondary research to support the marketing and promotional initiatives of the Economic Development Department.

Welcome to the Team!

The City of Summerside Economic Development adopts robust online job-matching platform to address employment gaps

In a bid to help job seekers find meaningful employment and give local businesses access to the talent they need, the Summerside Economic Development Office is mounting an ambitious campaign to register job candidates and local employers with Magnet, a new network powered by data-rich job-matching technology.

The Magnet network promises to radically change the way Summerside job seekers find meaningful employment and how local businesses source talent to meet their skills requirements.

What’s different about Magnet is that it provides both job candidates and employers with a one-stop, supply and demand job hub to connect the right candidate to the right job – quickly, accurately, and efficiently.

Job seekers sign-up by completing a profile and are then provided with tailored job postings that match their skills, qualifications and job preferences. The system is designed to have job opportunities chase candidates, meaning that every time a suitable new job is posted, qualified candidates are automatically notified.

A unique feature is that every candidate’s identity is shielded until they decide to communicate with a potential employer about their job opening. Magnet also allows individuals to privately self-identify as a member of any designated employment equity group that they belong to.

For businesses large and small, the Magnet network provides a fast, cost-effective and easy-to-use channel to post a job and tap into the supply of qualified talent that they need. After an employer posts a job, the innovative technology provides the company with a pre-screened list of top candidates who meet the specified skills requirements and have expressed an interest in the position. The system also lowers search costs and allows companies to remain connected to qualified candidates even if they are not currently hiring.
Magnet was developed by Ryerson University, in partnership with the Ontario Chamber of Commerce (OCC), as a unified and coordinated response to pressing unemployment and underemployment issues.

“In an increasingly competitive economic landscape, improving local and regional employment and labour market outcomes are among Summerside’s most important challenges.” Quotes Mike Thususka, Director Summerside Economic Development Office, “Our future prosperity is endangered by chronic levels of unemployment and under‐employment. Furthermore, skilled workers are struggling to find meaningful employment without leaving the city or province. Without coordinated and collective action, there may be an exodus of talent, eroding Summerside’s most competitive advantage."

Summerside job seekers can learn more and register free of charge by visiting 

2016 … A Year in Review

For the year ending in 2016, Summerside’s economic performance can be summed up by an air of optimism and transformative positive change. Summerside is a strong and resilient community that annually continues to diversify and expand and in 2016, the Summerside economy made major strides towards its growth objectives.

Summerside Economic Development continued to establish itself as a key networker and connector of business relationships and opportunities in Summerside. The department continued to advance opportunities in towards achieving economic success, embracing shared prosperity and building a strong community for Summerside, and have done it with key partners with shared goals.

In 2016, our business community continued to perform at the highest level in all dominant sectors of the economy including retail, professional services, aerospace, manufacturing, tourism and renewable innovation. 2016 saw the addition of IO Solutions Contact Centre in downtown Summerside through the refurbishment of 54 Central Street with over 100 full time positions, the establishment of HueGO Electric an innovative manufacturer of high quality LED Lighting Products and Smart Appliances, ADL Expansion, Nautican Research and Development Limited, the development of Nissan Automotive, New Retail Strip Plaza on Granville Street, two new apartments complexes with over 80 units combined and the opening of the Summerside Inspire Learning Centre to name a few of the significant projects in 2016.

2016 was a year where collaboration and partnerships assisted in ensuring Summerside’s opportunities were positioned to ensure our collective emphasis was directed towards our mission of

1. Wealth Growth – Bringing higher paying jobs to Summerside
2. Assessment Growth – Increasing annually the industrial/commercial assessment
3. Population Growth – A focus on labour pool population to achieve our economic well-being

Looking ahead, we will continue to focus on our key sectors of prominence including Aerospace and Defense, Business and Financial Services, Information Communication Technology, Marine, Advanced Manufacturing and Renewable Innovation as well as our Industrial Validation Program. We will also work on attracting our share of start-up entrepreneurs through the Provincial Start-Up Visa Program. We will ensure our programs and approaches align to support and grow these clusters in Summerside. Further we will build on the direct success of our partnership with our prospecting partners and will be actively participating in outbound prospecting and client servicing to secure both inward and outward investments and growth. 
We have successes from 2016 to celebrate, and targeted objectives set out to accomplish in 2017. As the lead agency in economic development for Summerside, we will continue to work on a variety of initiatives, programs and strategies throughout the coming year to ensure Summerside is at the forefront for PEI investment opportunities, and while many of our initiatives have immediate impacts and outcomes, the actual impact on a business or the community is often seen years after initial engagement or interest in Summerside. To that end, we plan to re-launch several programs from previous years in addition to some new initiatives with a renewed focus on seizing business opportunities, including a new labour-matching tool, ambassador program, and ex-pat program along with our new business-focussed social media and networking marketing channels, including our economic development web portal and twitter platform @SummersideBiz.

In 2017 we will continue to build working relationships and attract and grow investment from high growth, financially stable companies in strategic sectors by:

  • Offering our key advantages of doing business in a sector based approach
  • Mine local opportunities through strategic research and outreach
  • Develop strategic tools for the “just in time” delivery of business intelligence
  • Be the lead agency in Summerside in labour, investment and key infrastructure opportunities
  • Target, grow and mature legacy programs to bring structure and expediency to realize opportunities
  • Leverage and support our key partners to align and grow investment opportunities.

In closing, Summerside is reaping the rewards of some strategic thinking, key partnerships, an aggressive marketing program, and city-led infrastructure programs and investments. Summerside’s Economic Development team in partnership with our vast networks will continue to lead the pursuit of transforming the Summerside economy to generate job-creating opportunities and partnerships to grow Summerside.

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