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It’s All About the Attitude

In business, if attitude is the little thing that can make the difference for Success, Summerside during the past 5 months has shown its attitude in a meaningful way. Some suggest that if you want to change, grow and prosper you need to be prepared to do something different and do it with the right attitude. Our economic base in all sectors is displaying an attitude of success and in Summerside it’s about the collective spirit, belief and can do attitude.

Looking back since January, Summerside’s economy both in terms of existing business expansion investment or new investors looking for market opportunities, has seen a real and positive upsurge in physical investment and inquiries related to establishing in Summerside. For the past decade, Summerside has continued to perform on an economic front.

Some recent examples of our Investment attitude

  • Standard Aero—Up to 80 new jobs and 30,000 square foot expansion. Company currently employs 465 people. Increasing current capacity annually on turboprop engines from 800 engines to over 1,050
  • Careworks relocation and expansion of IT Services Company into Holman Centre and looking to grow from 80 to 100 positions, providing IT services for IT management, automation applications, security and a full-service desk as well as the anchor for their Healthy IT operations.
  • Spinnakers Landing welcoming some fresh faces to their Retail and Tourist Boutiques in Summerside
  • Loyalist Hotel—Purchase, Renovation and Re-Branding of the Loyalist in Downtown Summerside, earmarked for a $1.1 million facelift and re-branded under the Best Western Signature Collection
  • IO Solutions looking to grow another 50 positions at their facility in Summerside which already employs over 175 people
  • Downtown Office Real Estate—The acquisition of two major office complexes in downtown Summerside with major renovations and leasing plans set to begin in earnest over the next several months.
  • ADL—Additional expansion investment of over $5.4 million in capital and expansion upgrades to support dairy processing demand

And the Stats back up that Attitude

– For the first ¼ of 2018 Residential permits exceeded $4.0 million
– For the first ¼ of 2018 Commercial and Industrial activity topped the $3.7 million mark
– Latest Statistics from CMHC show that Summerside’s Vacancy rate is hovering around 2.5%, a decrease of 4.1% from a year ago, showing the market is tightening largely being driven by employment growth in Summerside, Immigration and downsizing trends

Provincially in which Summerside has become a major contributor to:
  • Retail Sales Island Wide up over 7.4%
  • Wage growth up 3.6%
  • Employment Growth of over 3%
And in Summerside, we even have the backing of KPMG

KPMG Competitive Alternatives showcases over 200 jurisdictions annual modelling operating costs for business operations and ranks PEI 6th overall globally for business costs, and while PEI as a homogenous market is detailed in the Study, extrapolating costs for PEI, shows Summerside is leading in a number of categories when mirroring the model for our cost structures.
So what does the latest study show
  • PEI Ranks 4th among the 17 featured Canadian cities
  • PEI ranks 6th among all 111 featured cities
  • Operational Costs are among the lowest in Canada’s 17 featured cities
  • PEI Ranks 4th in Atlantic Canada/New England for overall business costs
And how does that help your business attitude?
  • Based on the results of a KPMG study of the following industry types including Manufacturing, Aerospace, Financial Services, System Development and Testing … a company with $40 million in annual sales could realize annual savings in operating costs of $750,000 when compared with the overall Canadian average.  
  • If your operation is in the R&D field that savings could potentially be as high as 3.6% of sales.
  • Occupancy costs can also be lowered when operating from a PEI location. The KPMG study saving from the national average on facility leases is almost 42% while property taxes pace 15% behind that same average. 
  • In a financial services operation that can translate into a 2% of sales reduction in facility costs.
  • Aerospace firms on PEI enjoy a significant advantage through the current rebate of provincial corporate income taxes. The results of this program are evidenced by the fact that net profit reported, adjusted for the provincial tax rebate, ran almost 110% higher for PEI firms than that of the national average.
Summerside for the first quarter in 2018 is bearing the fruit of attitude, teamwork and establishing the sound business fundamentals for success reflected in the business and investment activity in all our sectors of the economy. As Steve Jobs was once quoted, “Great things in business are never done by one person. They're done by a team of people.” And Team Summerside is starting to achieve great things!

Summerside Medical Community … A Look Inside the Diverse and Professional Offerings in Summerside

An often not talked about a sector of any economy is the availability and delivery of Health Care Services in a community. Health Care services or lack thereof can greatly impact a community’s ability to thrive and grow not only from the provisioning of services but the overall economic impact the health services have on a local economy.

The Summerside medical community comprises a group of dedicated professionals working with advanced amenities to deliver the highest level of service and care for Prince Edward Islanders. In addition to private medical offices, the community includes the multidisciplinary Summerside Medical Centre employing 24 physicians; Harbourside Health Centre, a Health PEI collaborative facility, and Prince County Hospital. The following provides an in-depth look at the breadth and scope of Summerside’s Medical Services.

Prince County Hospital (PCH) is a 110-bed facility, the province’s newest hospital and one that will welcome you to a truly collegial culture.

PCH provides a variety of services including Emergency Medicine, Surgical Services, Maternal and Child Health, Internal Medicine, Restorative Care, Medical Palliative, Mental Health and Addictions, Radiology, Lab Services, Ambulatory Care, Women’s Wellness Center, Pharmacy Services, Rehab Services, and Outpatient Dialysis.

The Emergency Department is staffed with full time dedicated Emergency Physicians supported by family physicians with an interest in emergency medicine part-time. It consists of two trauma bays, a four-bed critical care unit, a seven-bed holding unit and five treatment and procedure rooms, supporting approximately 24,000 visits per year. We have a fully updated Helipad with access to tertiary care centres. Island Emergency Medical Services provide paramedic services to the province.

Family practice/Primary care offers a range of expertise and services in inpatient hospital care which encompasses newborn to geriatric care, both medical and postoperative. There is a dedicated hospitalist service supported by family physicians who follow their own inpatients, obstetrics and women’s wellness, newborn care and pediatrics, minor procedures, palliative care, operating room assisting, emergency room shifts, and mental health and addictions.

Surgical Services includes three state-of-the-art, integrated Operating Rooms with 4K laparoscopic equipment. Full-time anesthesia service also provides an epidural service and pain management service.

General Surgery includes acute care surgery, advanced laparoscopic procedures with upper GI or foregut surgery, colorectal surgery, hepatobiliary and hernia repair as well as endoscopic procedures. Other services provided include breast disease and limited thoracic, vascular and plastic surgery. 
Other Surgical Services include outpatient plastic surgery, orthopedic surgery, urology and dental surgery.  

Gynecology provides medical and surgical therapies for menstrual dysfunction, pelvic pain, infertility investigations, infectious disease, urinary incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse and cancer screen/detection/treatment.

Women’s wellness program includes teen reproductive health, infertility investigations, contraception, pregnancy termination, menopause management, counselling services for pregnancy loss, post-partum depression, menopause, and gender identity and sexual health.
Ear Nose and Throat services include a full range of otology, endoscopic sinus, laryngeal and head and neck surgery.
Maternal and Child Care Unit (MCCU) offers six private labour and delivery/post-partum care rooms and three post-operative/antenatal rooms to support over 500 deliveries per year. There is also a three-bed level two neo-natal nursery and a fully equipped neonatal resuscitation room, eight private pediatric rooms and a pediatric procedure room. MCCU provides numerous pediatric ambulatory services including infusion therapy, speciality vaccine clinics, wound care and supports visiting speciality clinics.

Internal Medicine provides general internal medicine consultation services and comprehensive management of a six-bed intensive care unit. Other Internal Medicine services include noninvasive cardiac testing, pulmonary function testing, endoscopy, pacemaker insertion, stroke prevention clinics as well as respiratory and cardiac rehabilitation are available.

Mental health provides both in and outpatient care for children, adolescents, adults and the elderly. A 14-bed voluntary unit is incorporated in PCH and serviced by local psychiatrists. An outreach clinic provides integrated care for those with severe prolonged mental illness, providing a full spectrum of care including ECT. An outpatient addictions program, part of a provincial program, provides care for all types of addictions, utilizing various treatment models including harm reduction, support and abstinence approaches.

Palliative Care services are provided and are part of the Integrated Palliative Care Program.

Radiology provides a fully integrated and updated digital services including fluoroscopy, Computer Tomography (CT) (128 slices), ultrasound, mammography and portable x-rays, available on a province-wide PACS system. MRI is available at an alternate Island site.

Lab services provide a full range of onsite biochemistry, microbiology, hematology, transfusion and pathology services.

Ambulatory care unit supports visiting provincial consultants which include oncology, plastic surgery, urology, clinical microbiology, nephrology and onsite dermatology, general surgery and gynecology. Also available is Women’s Wellness Center, wound care, enterostomal therapy, PICC insertion, and infusion therapy.

Oncology services are provided as part of the Provincial Oncology Program.

The Endoscopy unit performs upper and lower gastrointestinal endoscopic investigations and bronchoscopy. Esophageal motility and pH/impedance studies are performed. ERCP is available at an alternate site.

Hemodialysis is provided as an outpatient service. Peritoneal dialysis and pre/post-transplant care are provided as part of a provincial program.  

Resident teaching is an integral service, with full-time family practice residents and visiting medical students and residents.

Allied Health: Physio and Occupational therapy, Respiratory Therapy and Home care services are provided.

A Restorative care inpatient unit is available. 

Pharmacy provides a range of services including TPN, chemotherapy and medication management support.

Nutritional and dietary service provides management and dietary assessments.

An active adult and youth Volunteer program assists in programs at PCH.

The Hospital Foundation offers ongoing support and financial assistance in updating our equipment on an annual basis.
The preceding provides a glimpse into the diverse and quality care our community received from a group of dedicated medical professionals.  Summerside is always looking to support collaboration and partnerships when it comes to adding to our complement of medical services. Whether you are fresh out of school or a seasoned professional looking for a less hectic lifestyle while still enjoying all the amenities you have come to expect, Summerside just might be a place for you. As our moto states: Practice Medicine, Practice-Life.

If interested in learning more about investment opportunities, economic development support or opportunities for growth, please call our Economic Development Professionals, we would love to chat.

Alternatively, you can email us at, it could be 
the most profitable email you ever send.

Michael Thususka
Director of Economic Development City of Summerside
275 Fitzroy Street, Summerside PE C1N 1H9
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