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Summerside Invests in new Eco Industrial Park

The City of Summerside is excited to bring to market a new and innovative Eco Industrial Park to the Summerside marketplace. Recently, the city has secured 14.5 acres of greenfield lands located in our Industrial Hub to bring new serviced industrial space to facilitate growth and development in our industrial clusters. The development of a new and innovative business park will positively influence economic development of the City of Summerside.

Currently, Summerside has severely limited site‐ready developed acreage to accommodate existing businesses with expansion plans or to offer to out‐of‐area business prospects looking for viable sites. The building of a new business park represents an outstanding investment for Summerside given the magnitude of the long-term return generated to the economy.

The development of a business park requires a large initial investment outlay, however, the return to the city economy in terms of payroll and new property values is many times the original investment outlay. In addition, the use of the business park concept allows for the leveraging of infrastructure investment and provides for a more focused development approach that limits the impact to surrounding land use patterns much more effectively than disjointed, scattered‐site development schemes.

Building off Council’s 4-year strategy to grow economic development and business investment opportunities, specifically to grow the percentage of our Industrial/Commercial tax base from its current 18.6% to a minimum of 21%, this park will allow Summerside to lay the groundwork for business investment.

The lack of developed acreage inventory of quality space in all categories perpetuates the economic conditions found within the city’s economy, lost opportunity and challenges of economic diversification needed in our economy, however, this new park will help to alleviate the pressures to service industrial clients into the future. With the current vacancy of industrial space hovering around 6%, the timing of bringing these lands to market is optimal. 

Summerside is taking proactive measures to nurture and attract new high‐wage employment and technology advancing opportunities. Given that many business enterprises find business parks very viable location options, the business park concept provides a valuable economic development tool from both market recruitment and growth standpoint. Furthermore, the leveraging and participation of the city’s municipal services (wind, electric, water and sewer) will allow this park to have the ability to extend the reach of those services and showcase our community as a leader in green and renewable technologies.

The availability of business park sites will only enhance business opportunities within the city. A new business park will allow the city to nurture business growth both from within and from the outside by providing attractive business sites. To be competitive in today’s business environment, business enterprises must generally operate on a “just-in-time” mode, but a further emerging trend derivative from traditional “Business Parks” is that of an eco‐approach.

Eco Park Defined
An eco-industrial park involves clustering of like-minded firms and organizations, working together to improve their environmental and economic performance. 

Developing an Eco Park is a purposeful approach to ensuring the planning, design and construction of a business park and improves the economic performance of the participating companies while minimizing their environmental impact. This networking of companies attempts to, through exchanges of products and by-products, work towards a common goal of optimizing economic and environmental objectives.

An eco-industrial park is a destination for business working together to optimize the use of resources. Waste from one company provides raw material or energy for another. This synergy between industries fosters economic benefits while contributing to sustainable development.
Some Envisioned Park Amenities
•       Shared Parking to reduce capital costs
•       Shared Shipping and Receiving to reduce capital costs
•       Energy Storage to reduce electrical consumption and store energy on an industrial scale
•       Promotion of Bike/Pedestrian/ Travel to promote the surrounding area
•       Natural Stormwater System
•       Energy Efficient Buildings

Currently, a team of professionals is working on finalizing design, layout and costings as well as a tenant attraction strategy. Our goal is to start now and identify potential clients interested in being part of a next-generation business community.
Summerside Business in the News

Hustle Athletic Training

It would have been difficult to imagine 25 years ago that Summerside could become such a central location for fitness and training, and Aaron Dawson’s company, Hustle Athletic Training, has been making some major strides. Dawson, a former professional hockey player, first began training others in 2014. In 2018, he decided to make it his full-time job. And in 2019, he decided to move the business from his home to 465 Water St., the building that once housed the Everyday Clearance Centre.
As Dawson put it, “I wanted something by the water. I like the feel of it. I think downtown is growing and it’s a good opportunity. The downtown is growing economically, and I want to take advantage of being part of it, as well as the boardwalk and the outdoor greenspaces across the street.”
Dawson’s operation is different than most fitness centers.  In his case, he likes to maintain a rapport with members to help them achieve their goals, whether they are simply getting back into shape or competing at the highest level. Mentoring and offering a team atmosphere are two of his company’s key features.

theFix is a brand new multidisciplinary clinic and boutique training facility that opened at 478 Granville Street on June 1, 2019. theFix provides chiropractic and naturopathic care, medical acupuncture, rehabilitation, massage therapy, personal training, and fitness classes.
Dr. Meg McDonald, the owner of theFix, is a native of Summerside. The idea first entered her head at a “Summerside Night” held in Toronto during 2015, organized by Summerside EDO and Innovation PEI. It’s always great to see someone return to Summerside, especially when it involves starting a new business. Welcome back, Dr. Meg!


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