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CUP Smart Storage Demonstration Project – Producing Results

The partnership between Summerside and Samsung Renewable Energy Group and local partners is demonstrating first-hand how renewable innovation can provide savings, increase a municipality’s green footprint and find innovative ways to direct energy savings back into local programming that positively impacts the quality of life of residents.
Many are aware of the boom in the renewable market over the past 10 years that has seen Canada become one of the most successful countries in adopting renewable energy into its grid system. Approximately 19% of Canada’s energy supply is now derived from renewable energy resources. The City of Summerside in Prince Edward Island has already procured more than 45% of its load from renewable sources.
In partnership with Samsung Renewable Energy Inc., the City of Summerside has built and commissioned a smart energy storage system, integrating the city’s solar power with other renewable power and conventional energy sources.
The purpose of this ambitious green project is to help Summerside meet its increasing electricity demand while saving on energy costs, reducing carbon emissions, creating jobs and building green tech expertise in the region. It is a demonstration project that will also serve as a model for other communities in North America wishing to collaborate with multiple partners to achieve long-term energy cost savings and environmental benefits.
Located at Credit Union Place in the City of Summerside, the smart energy storage system has blended solar power with traditional power sources, providing a cost-effective way of storing and dispatching surplus energy.
Since commissioning in late October of 2017, the city has been more than satisfied with the results of the project to date, despite the winter weather and lack of sun since the system went live. 

  • The solar has saved and allowed our recreation complex to realize savings in excess of $10,000 to the end of February and has produced over 93,000 kWh of energy
  • The battery has shifted over 60,000 kWh of energy consumption by managing demand in the facility and realized on average $700 in savings monthly
  • The system has shaved in the last two months over 400 kWh in peak demand realizing a savings of over $5,300
Since the system has become fully operational, the city has realized over $16,000 in energy and demand savings during a time when solar production is at its lowest throughout the year. This means those savings can be directly invested back into meaningful programming for our youth, seniors and all demographics of our community looking for cost-effective recreational programming

Summerside’s Aerospace Sector …
Continuing to soar to new heights!

Summerside’s aerospace industry continues to reach new heights, contributing to Prince Edward Island’s diverse economy. Some of the best-known names in aerospace have chosen Prince Edward Island. Honeywell Engines Systems and Services, Standard Aero (formerly Vector-Airbus), MDS Coating Technologies Corporation, and Tronos Canada Inc. all have operations in Summerside.
The investment in the Aerospace sector is evident within Slemon Park. It is a dedicated 1,500-acre Aerospace Business Park including hangars ranging from 25,000 to 300,000 sq ft, with approximately 100,000 sq ft of available hangar space. It contains a private airport with an 8,000 ft runway and is the only aerospace business park in Canada that offers on-site training. Summerside Airport services private, corporate, charter, and military clients, as well as our aerospace and manufacturing tenants.
With more than 50,000 square meters of state-of-the-art manufacturing (component and sub-assembly within OEM supply-chain aviation training), pilot and aircrew, airport management, and aviation-related training including full aerospace infrastructure, Slemon Park is positioned to grow aerospace opportunities.

Our Aerospace Hub Includes
  • A full-service FBO
  • Runway: 8,000 x 200 feet
  • No scheduled passenger traffic; readily available air space for training, etc.
  • Low landing and facility fees
  • Quick turnaround time and quality, friendly service
  • 300+ VFR days per year
  • Automated Weather Observing System
  • Extensive ramp space
Summerside, PEI possesses considerable infrastructure and programmatic assets to support the aerospace sector. The opportunity for securing and growing investment in this sector is enhanced by the evidence-based capability of Summerside’s labour pool and the availability of skilled workers to meet the talent demands of related businesses.
In addition to the qualified labour, assets and direct training institutions graduating skilled labour, a low-cost operating environment is also driving the sector. A tax rebate incentive program for all eligible aviation-related companies provides a full rebate annually on all corporate income tax paid to the province for operations conducted at Slemon Park. In addition, a full rebate annually on all real property tax attributable to ownership or rental of facilities at Slemon Park is offered.
Opportunities for growth and investment in our Aerospace Sector continue to ramp up into 2018, with opportunities in Airframe MRO, Engine and Engine Accessories, Avionics, Manufacturing (T2/3), Component and Sub-assembly, and Aviation Training. To learn more about how we are taking aerospace to new heights, visit our aerospace hub at

Summerside is Growing
IO Solutions Summerside is Growing and Looking for Job Candidates

IO Solutions is looking to hire Customer Service Representatives for their Summerside, PEI location. The IO Solutions Call Centre is privately owned and has been in operation since 2007, operating a Business Process Outsourcer headquartered in Prince Edward Island.
To learn more about this exciting opportunity and apply for this position, contact IO Solutions at referencing the Summerside opportunity.
To learn more about IO Solutions, visit them on the web at

Global IT Firm looking to Expand to Summerside
Summerside EDO is working with a Global IT company that is establishing a Canadian presence to service the North American market. The company is an Oracle partnered company, which was established in December 2006.  
This company, headquartered in the United States and India, is one of the fastest growing Oracle technology-based solutions company with vast experience in providing business solutions using Oracle technologies, providing quality service to customers across the globe.
Expansion plans have accelerated the need for a Canadian based operations and given Summerside’s enabling infrastructure, quality labour force and effective cost regimes, the company is looking to begin operations in our city in the coming months to service a growing market.
Currently, the company is looking to hire specialists in Oracle-based solutions for cloud and web-based service delivery. To learn more about the company contact the EDO office at

New for 2018
Summerside Investment Brief
Looking to learn more about the cost and social advantages of doing business in Summerside? 

Be sure to check out our Investment Brief found which contains a compendium of business and community information on the costs, opportunities, and benefits of a Summerside location. Download it today!

Looking to relocate to Summerside and want to learn more about our city? 

Download our latest series on Summerside: “Immigrating to Summerside”, a publication full of community facts and figures and contacts to make your business transition easier. While designed for the international market, it is an excellent document for anyone wanting to get to know Summerside a little better! Download it today!

If you are considering establishing a business
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