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Business Directory Update

A Business Directory is the most basic tool of any EDO, like what a hammer is to a carpenter. It has been several years since our directory has received a significant update, so we have decided to launch this project.

Some may think that a Business Directory is no different than the Yellow Pages, but it captures much more than simply names, addresses, and phone numbers. Besides being useful for customers, there are many more groups that benefit from a complete directory such as local businesses, governments, international businesses, prospective businesses, visitors and tourists, students, ex-pats, investors, developers, job seekers, and site selectors. Assembling the directory is like a Statistics Canada Census, except that the content is businesses rather than households.

Just like a census, a Business Directory allows one to properly survey the landscape and plan accordingly. For the businesses involved, a directory can help them identify networking opportunities, strategic partners, new markets, and new clients. For our office, the directory is used for strategic planning, business retention and expansion, statistics, and marketing the City of Summerside.

In essence, the purpose of the Business Directory boils down to servicing the business community and helping our office understand deeper concepts such as the makeup of our labour force, the inventory of commercial and industrial space, export destinations, and industry composition.  Indeed, there is much intelligence buried in a Business Directory.

Because of the sheer amount of work and grinding involved, we have enlisted the help of Explorer Solutions, an outside firm that will be conducting the field work necessary to gather all the information. They will be collecting information primarily by telephone but will also reach out using by other means if needed (email, webform, social media). All information collected by Explorer Solutions will be stored on their secure servers before being transferred to our department.

The information collection is targeted to begin immediately and will continue until the end of October. The research team is friendly and flexible. If you are unable to talk when they reach out, you can arrange a better time to speak or you can complete the information online. We would greatly appreciate if you could devote a few minutes of your time to help us and help the business community.

For anyone seeking additional information, please contact:
Neil Moore
Research Analyst
City of Summerside, Department of Economic Development

Newcomer Corner
We are pleased to continue our feature from July’s newsletter that puts the spotlight on some of our newest businesses to Summerside. This month we will discuss Quality LED and Ann Cakes & Café.

Quality LED
Meet Edwin Wen and Snow Huang!
Edwin and Snow are two of Summerside’s newest entrepreneurs. Their journey to start a business in Summerside began when they met our office in April 2018. Their enthusiasm, education, skills, and comfort level allowed them to quickly pass through the immigration process. According to them, “Summerside is a fast-growing city in both economics and population, and we will have a successful future for our business development here. Summerside is beautiful, peaceful, and people here are very nice and helpful.”
Their business is called “Quality LED” and is in the Wilmot Plaza at 622 Water St. East (next to Quality Inn & Suites) and opened in November of 2019. Quality LED is an LED lighting products specialist. They offer a comprehensive range of both interior and exterior high-quality, customizable LED products to residential, commercial, and industrial customers. Their choices include high bays, flood lights, pole lights, pendant lights, panels, downlights, and strips. The products have certifications such as cUL, cETL, DLC, and Energy Star. They know lighting well and can help customers make the right choices for their home or business.
Edwin and Snow are originally from Shenzhen, China, but they obtained their graduate educations in Liverpool, England where they spent five years studying and living. Now, they are happily living in PEI with their two daughters and are pleased to be part of Summerside’s business community. As they say, “People in Summerside are very friendly and our local customers are happy to drop in and have a nice chat when passing by. They are always willing to share their stories and experiences with us.”
Quick facts:
Business name:             Quality LED
Business address:         622 Water St. East, Unit 2, Summerside (located in Wilmot Plaza)
                                       Saturday and Sunday by appointment
Phone:                           1-902-808-8998

Ann Cakes & Café
Meet Minh Dinh & Annie Tran!
Minh and Annie are newcomers to Summerside’s business community. They originally approached our office on June 1, 2018 and made a great case for doing business here. In Minh’s words, “Summerside is a developing city in PEI and the current competition level is right for us to get started. This place is great for me to start my business to satisfy the needs of locals as well as tourists.”
Their business is called “Ann Cakes & Café” and is located at 123 Water St. in Downtown Summerside. It is in the same building as Subway and was the location of Cows Ice Cream many years ago. They renovated the space and opened for business on June 1, 2020, exactly two years after meeting us initially.
Ann Cakes & Café offers many kinds of sweets including custom cakes (gluten-free, dairy-free available), cupcakes, cookies, pastries, and desserts. There are also soups and specialty drinks and a lunch menu are offered. Besides the business experience that Minh brings, his wife’s background in the hospitality industry is incredibly relevant. She is the bakery’s pastry chef and aims to create love at first bite.
Minh and Annie are originally from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and now call PEI home along with their two children. According to Minh, “Summerside is a peaceful and quiet place and I enjoy going to work. While spending my days in the bakery, I can communicate with the customers as well as discover more about their culture. I really appreciate having that chance since everyone is nice and friendly. It was an insightful choice to start a business here.”
Quick facts:
Business name:            Ann Cakes & Café
Business address:        123 Water St., Summerside (former Cows Ice Cream, next to Subway)
Hours:                           Monday-Saturday: 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
Phone:                          1-902-436-4985

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