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September 13, 2022: Summerside PEI: Powering cleantech businesses looking to expand/break into North America
As Canada strives to reach its net-zero carbon emissions target by 2050, and with the US pledging to slash greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2030, huge opportunities are opening up for companies with innovative cleantech solutions that could advance these ambitious aims.
June 10, 2022: From Living Lab to New Office “With the hiring of local talent”
Legend has it that getting your hands on your first customer is the hardest challenge to overcome. Well, in Summerside, we love being that first customer.
May 16, 2022: Open Industry Challenges: Calling All Innovators!
The City of Summerside is seeking innovative ideas that support the City’s pursuit to serve its residents, visitors, and businesses with innovative solutions to common municipal ambitions and to achieve Net Zero City Status.
April 05, 2022: Summerside is Hiring!
The City of Summerside business community is certainly on a growth trajectory... and why would we not be? It’s thanks to living and working in a seaside environment, having a growing and diverse population, enjoying a diverse selection of housing options, and access to the highest quality amenities and services.
February 24, 2022: Sense of Census
February 9, 2022, marked an important date for data collectors nationwide. That day represented the first checkpoint in the 2021 Census Release Schedule where population and dwelling counts became available. In our case, Summerside’s population had the largest increase since it became a City in 1995.
January 14, 2022: Summerside Smashing Investment Records Hitting All-Time High of Over $73 Million
In last month’s newsletter, we wrote about how Summerside broke its all-time record for building permit investment values by having a $53M total as of Nov. 30, 2021. Closing out 2021 saw investment activity in Summerside come in at $73.7 million for the year.
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