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Summerside has a compact urban core cradled by an idyllic, rural landscape and shores washed by a calm and warm sea. It offers a unique combination of convenience and serenity. Among the many advantages for businesses are:

  • A home to office commute of less than 5 minutes. The complete absence of a stressful commute allows for flexibility in work hours and contributes to the contentment and productivity of employees.
  • A re-developed waterfront with theatres, museums, recreational facilities, restaurants and quaint shops. This is a model family friendly environment for entertainment and relaxation.
  • A municipally owned and operated high-speed wireless network. It is one of the largest wireless networks in Canada with a 100 per cent fibre optic backbone.
  • A continuing investment in expanding and up-dating municipal amenities and creating new ones. Among these are a state-of-the-art hospital and Credit Union Place which delivers fitness and recreation programming as well as hosting sporting and cultural events.
  • A selection of development properties created to facilitate eco-friendly construction. Further, the Province of Prince Edward Island is a long-time, committed investor in green energy sources.
  • A variety of affordable housing. Prince Edward Island has one of the highest home ownership rates in North America. This is a result of abundant, affordable housing where, for example, the average cost of a two-story home is surprisingly low at $250,000.
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