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The information technology sector has contributed significantly to the economy of Prince Edward Island. IT has driven the increase in jobs in recent years.

The contribution of the information technology sector to the GDP on Prince Edward Island from 2009 - 2013 increased over 60% faster than the overall GDP growth. The sector now contributes an estimated $178.6 million worth of direct GDP or about 3.5 percent of total provincial GDP.

Ranked 4th worldwide for Advanced Software Development by KPMG, Prince Edward Island is aggressively pursuing additional Health IT companies to join a world-class cluster in the City of Summerside. It is our belief that companies in this industry thrive when given the opportunity to collaborate with peers, share training costs and work together to influence government policy and incentive programs.

Specializing in Advances in ICT

Summerside’s Information Communications Technology (ICT) sector has become a major contributor to the unprecedented economic growth taking place in Summerside.

Summerside’s sound business fundamentals and progressive vision offer companies within the sector well-developed infrastructure, opportunities to access to capital, access to sector specific training institutions, and a quality of place unmatched in other communities.

In recent years, Summerside’s ICT sector has seen an emerging focus on e-Health Software development, Client Servicing and Support.

Our ICT sector can be categorized as three main streams of business:
  1. Development and Testing
  2. Software and specialized application producers, built-in software.
  3. Direct Services - development and maintenance of applications, consulting, outsourcing, network and telecom infrastructure integration and management.

We are seeking

  • Small to medium-sized niche firms with a focus on development or support
  • Companies seeking a prime test-bed for products as part of their R&D
  • Firms requiring an environment where like-minded companies can collaborate and innovate
  • Companies with smaller workforce requirements, but who will benefit from the unparalleled loyalty and work ethic of Prince Edward Islanders
  • Companies seeking a state-of-the-art smart building developed with green principles and the infrastructure required by the IT industry
  • Firms that will realize meaningful benefits from the aggressive incentives and competitive costs offered in Prince Edward Island
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