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Connection Program

The Summerside Connection Program is a free service, designed specifically for former island residents and friends of Summerside. Those enrolled in the program are kept informed of the various employment, investment and business opportunities in the Summerside area. Program participants will receive regular communications on new opportunities as they arise.

The goal of the Summerside Connection Program is to build a bridge between Summerside and former residents of Prince Edward Island.

The Summerside Connection Program has four main objectives:

Through it, former island residents and friends of Summerside members reconnect with the area and are regularly informed of

  • job opportunities in Summerside
  • investment opportunities in Summerside
  • networks with professional and social circles about Summerside and its opportunities
  • the ways of staying connected with recent graduates in the area.
Enrolling in the Summerside Connection Program will allow you to:
  • Remain up-to-date with community, business and economic developments
  • Search for personal, business or professional opportunities that make the most of your experience and expertise
  • Actively promote your skills and experiences to local companies
  • Receive information regarding job market, business sector and investment opportunities.

Summerside needs you to help, support and become a key part of our growing community. There’s no better time than now to return to Prince Edward Island.

Summerside is currently experiencing many exciting new business developments. The transformation of commerce in the community is well underway. Significant growth continues in several commercial sectors, among them, E Health, IT select services, aerospace and sustainable technology, with leading companies such as RadNet and Vector Aerospace.

The rapidly expanding business environment of Summerside beckons former islanders to return and become an important part of our future. Education and work can often lead us away from home. As we experience other regions it becomes clear that one of the great advantages of Summerside is quality-of-life. Summerside Connection wants to help you achieve your dream of returning home. To participate in this program, contact us.

Summerside is dedicated to providing quality programs and services to meet the diverse needs of business and actively supports its business services sector, which is a significant contributor to the local, provincial and national economy. Through our internal programs and external partners our focus is to bring cost certainty, stability and growth to our business community.

Small and Medium Size business is the backbone of the economy of Summerside. The City of Summerside and its partners have a vast array of programs and networks to assist start-ups and entrepreneurs. These include effective programs for business planning, site location and financial support. Over 75 per cent of our enterprises have between 1 and 10 employees representing many sectors and they continue to be the focus of our efforts. Some of the following resources are available to existing and potential business to assist in their planning and growth needs:

Have questions, need consultation? Contact us!

Mike Thususka
Director of Economic Development,
City of Summerside

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