Operating Costs

Once again, in 2016, KPMG identified Prince Edward Island as one of the most competitive locations for doing business in Canada, ranking it in the top quartile for its strategic sectors. Summerside continues to be a leader when it comes to operating costs. Through our focused approach we ensure that our business environment is competitive and stable positively affecting the corporate bottom line. Summerside is the lowest commercially taxed city on Prince Edward Island, and boasts tax-free zones for the aerospace industry. It has a diverse offering of commercial and retail space that rival many jurisdictions in Atlantic Canada.

Taxation in Prince Edward Island means:

  • no payroll tax
  • no corporate minimum tax
  • no corporate capital or franchise tax
  • no business or occupation tax
PEI Corporate Income Tax
4.5% Small Business* (as of April 1, 2016)
16% Manufacturing
& Processing
1.5% of assessed value Real Commercial Property Tax
Federal Corporate Income Tax
11% Small Business*
15% Other Corporations

* The Small Business rate applies to the income eligible for the federal small business deduction,
currently the first $500,000, other conditions apply.

Summerside is committed to delivering the most cost competitive business environment, be it through our investments in state of the art infrastructure or through our innovative electric utility programs. We stand behind our collaborative approach to growing businesses through our competitive cost environment. Certainties in cost nurture business growth.

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