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Immediate Job Opportunity
Launch your career! Starport is a leading Managed IT Service Provider (MSP). Headquartered in Toronto, the company is touching down in Summerside in the very near future and already looking for staff.
Innovate, Don’t Imitate
In the context of economics, “innovation” has become a buzzword. It is found in annual reports, funding applications, and political platforms. When a word is overused, it can become taken for granted, rendering its meaning muddled and vague.
Look Who’s Hiring in Summerside
Summerside’s economy continues to expand through our local business champions looking for new talent and with the attraction of new business looking to attract new skill sets in the community.
Immediate Business Opportunity
Over 250 to 600 potential customers every day — 5 days a week — GUARANTEED!
Trends in Workforce
Adapting to the constant changing landscape of employee recruitment and retention is reported as a top trend in 2018. Businesses today will have to juggle four generations in the workforce, all with very different needs, wants and ambitions.
Energy and Innovation in Summerside a Success Story of Collaboration founded in Summerside PEI
Utilities around the globe understand the core problem with managing demand. Electricity demand fluctuates throughout the day, with peaks in usage in the morning and early evening.
It’s All About the Attitude
In business, if attitude is the little thing that can make the difference for Success, Summerside during the past 5 months has shown its attitude in a meaningful way. Some suggest that if you want to change, grow and prosper you need to be prepared to do something different and do it with the right attitude.
Spring in the Air! Growth … Happening in Summerside
With spring fast approaching, Summerside is preparing for what is going to be a very busy 2018. Economic Development inquiries have been trending higher within the first quarter of 2018, driven in large part by the Immigration Portfolio and commercial demand inquiries in excess of 15,000 square feet looking for commercial space in Summerside.
CUP Smart Storage Demonstration Project – Producing Results
The partnership between Summerside and Samsung Renewable Energy Group and local partners is demonstrating first-hand how renewable innovation can provide savings, increase a municipality’s green footprint and find innovative ways to direct energy savings back into local programming that positively impacts the quality of life of residents.
Looking For Your Perfect Home? Look East. Look Summerside.
According to the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA), the average home selling price was $481,562 in Canada for January 2018, with BC ($721,061) and Ontario ($543,988) leading the way. At an average house price of $222,533, PEI offers much more affordable house pricing than many of the other provinces.
City of Summerside Economic Development ANNUAL REPORT 2017
The City of Summerside is a place with a strong sense of community and an open-for-business mindset, where entrepreneurial and innovative ambitions are at the forefront of activity. Guided by a strategic vision, the Economic Development Office (EDO) mandate is to generate wealth through job creation.
IO Solutions in Summerside is Looking for Job Candidates
IO Solutions is looking to hire Bilingual Customer Service Representatives (English/Cantonese, English/Mandarin) for their Summerside, PEI Call Centre location. IO Solutions (a Business Process Outsourcer headquartered in Prince Edward Island) is privately owned and has been in operation since 2007.
Industry 4.0… Are you ready?
Industry 4.0 is the termed coined for the new trend of automation and data integration in the manufacturing sector. Industry 4.0 has been framed around the next generation factory and is viewed as the fourth industrial revolution.
The importance of having Exceptional Sources of Tools
As our economy continues to undergo fundamental change, our customer base demands more timely and market specific information from new tools and new practices. Key market data is critical to staying current.
Economic Development Tools to Make Locating in Summerside Easier
Technology has become fundamental to our day-to-day lives. Through various devices capable of accessing the internet, we connect with others and access information. Despite all the ways we can communicate with each other, our devices cannot live our lives for us.
Summerside PEI: For business, there’s no place quite like it!
As more companies look to improve efficiencies, reduce costs, increase profits, and find ways to access more markets, a compelling business case for expanding in Summerside becomes even more apparent.
Summerside Living Lab Cases
Companies looking to enter North American markets with foreign technology are challenged to build business cases and market credibility in order to generate sales.
Strategic Design's Frost Resistant Manhole Covers
Frost in northern climates causes manholes to shift and the pavement around them to crack, leading to potholes. For governments, potholes mean expensive repairs, road safety issues and citizen complaints about damage to vehicles.
50/50 Central's Automation of Lottery Sales
50/50 Central approached the City of Summerside to facilitate live field tests of new touch-screen technology it had developed in the lab. Working with the City’s IT and recreation staff, the company conducted tests at local sporting events, with Junior Hockey providing the sample size needed to build a global business case.
Energy and Innovation in Economic Development
Storing energy is not new for small applications, but it’s in its infancy when ramped up to an industrial scale. The boom in the renewable market over the past 10 years has seen Canada become one of the most successful countries adopting renewable energy into its grid system.
What’s In a Place? Part I A Guide for Lessees
Let’s suppose you have a great idea and aspire to be a business owner. The decision you face is where to set up shop. It turns out this decision is multi-faceted. It may seem that rent is the only important metric to consider, but there are far more aspects to evaluate and Summerside EDO can assist in the following ways:
City of Summerside and Samsung Renewable Energy Partner on Innovative Renewable Energy System
Samsung Renewable Energy Inc., hereinafter referred to as Samsung, has partnered with the City of Summerside on a renewable energy demonstration project.
Summerside Partners with Stash Energy Inc. under Living Lab Program to Accelerate Heat Pump Systems Energy Storage
Utilities around the globe understand the core problem of managing electricity demand fluctuations throughout the day with peaks in the morning and early evening.
Summerside Launches Innovation Strategy
Summerside recently launched its Innovation Strategy, an action plan to establish the city as a renewable centre of excellence. Summerside is widely recognized as a leader and pioneer in adopting green and innovative technologies.
The City of Summerside Economic Development adopts robust online job-matching platform to address employment gaps
In a bid to help job seekers find meaningful employment and give local businesses access to the talent they need, the Summerside Economic Development Office is mounting an ambitious campaign to register job candidates and local employers with Magnet, a new network powered by data-rich job-matching technology.
Summerside economy continues to diversify
Summerside is known as the Aerospace Hub of Prince Edward Island and this month, with the expansion of Nautican Research and Development the Marine Sector in Summerside, took a significant step forward in this growing and exciting new cluster in Prince Edward Island.
KPMG: Providing World Wide Location Sensitive Costs Comparisons
Starting in 1996, KPMG’s Competitive Alternatives Study has been undertaking business location cost analysis in participating cities and countries around the world, namely in North America, Europe and the Asia Pacific region.
City of Summerside Economic Development
This newsletter puts a spotlight on Summerside’s Sectors of Excellence. And while every industry in Summerside is still continuing to perform, three sectors of prominence continue to play a key role in the economy of Summerside.
China Gold Fortune International expands to Summerside to establish its North American Centre of Excellence
Based in Beijing China, China Gold Fortune International have opened an office as their first step towards the establishment of their Smart Electric Meter and LED Assemble Facility to be built in Summerside over the next year.
Two Languages: It’s good for business Report
An interesting read from a study published in 2015 on the importance and value of bilingualism in New Brunswick, which has direct relevance to Summerside and the region.
Summerside’s Innovation Ambitions – Let’s Build the Future Together!
Summerside boasts the only city owned utility in Prince Edward Island, Canada. This distinction provides us with a unique opportunity to adapt and grow our community in unique ways.