Recent Newsletters

January 21, 2020: Sunbank Officially Announced
On January 14th the Three Levels of Government and our Private Sector Partner Samsung Renewable Energy announced Summerside Sunbank Project. This $69 Million-dollar project is Summerside and Samsung SRE’s next step along the innovation journey, phase two of our long-term partnership.
December 17, 2019: Economic Development … Shift is Happening
As we wrap the year and look towards 2020, we can say unequivocally that 2019 has been a tremendous year for moving Summerside’s economy forward and all indications are that 2020 will see that momentum continue.
November 28, 2019: Living Lab Corner Connective Touch—Current Pilot a Huge Success
This biometrics company, led by Devi Sohanta, the Founder and CEO, has completed its first year of field testing in Summerside partnering with Community Connections, Summerside Police Services and Municipal Services.
October 23, 2019: Summerside Awarded Ecosystem Best Practice as Part of International Telecommunication Union Global Innovation Challenge through United Nations
Summerside, Prince Edward Island was recognized as one of the Global Cities furthering Innovation through building ecosystems.
September 30, 2019: From a Different Perspective
The shift is happening in communities across Canada where the traditional drivers of economic expansion are changing, which has implications for the ability to existing businesses to grow and also for the attraction of new enterprise.
July 30, 2019: Summerside Immigration
Newcomers are a vital and growing part of Summerside’s economy. They contribute to the social, economic and cultural enrichment of our city and province. Summerside Economic Development is investing in a collaborative model and supporting programs to help engage, support and integrate newcomers into our city.