Recent Newsletters

August 03, 2021: Big Things Happening at Summerside’s West End
A popular topic lately in Summerside has been commercial space. Our 2020 Annual Report and our previous newsletter are rife with numbers and observations about how our space inventories have decreased over the past two years, like how a retail vacancy rate that was once 9% two years ago is now 3%.
June 03, 2021: Summerside — An Oasis for IT Opportunities
IT has been a key sector for Summerside for several years now. It unofficially began in the mid-2000s when our Holman Centre was repackaged to be a centre of IT excellence.
April 14, 2021: When a Community Comes Together … You Can Move Mountains. A Story on Labour Recruitment
Our Local City Council, our Hospital Foundation Board and Members of the Health Team at our Local Hospital came together to announce an important collaborative partnership to help address some shortages within our Health Care Services.
March 04, 2021: Growing the Clean Tech/Green Tech Sector in Summerside
The City of Summerside PEI is an atypical municipality in North America which is steeped in a rich and robust Municipally owned traditional infrastructure, core service delivery provisions and amenities found in all jurisdictions across North America.
February 10, 2021: The Good, the Bad and the ABSOLUTELY AMAZING
Despite the challenging times that we experienced in 2020, Summerside saw more companies looking to invest in both human and capital resources so as to further strengthen their ability to service their clients.
November 24, 2020: Hammer Down for Summerside Construction
Construction is a core economic indicator, right up there with labour, number of businesses, and vacancy rates. In fact, YTD building permit values are posted at the bottom of every one of our newsletters.