Recent Newsletters

January 17, 2019: New report says Summerside business satisfaction tops 90%
A new survey conducted for the City of Summerside’s economic development department suggests that more than 90% of businesses feel satisfied with Summerside as a place to own and operate a business.
January 15, 2019: CUP Solar A Great Year of testing and success
The City of Summerside and Samsung Renewable Energy Inc. partnered in 2016 to construct a renewable energy demonstration project under its Living Lab Program to test renewable energy systems and battery integration.
December 12, 2018: Immediate Job Opportunity: Remote Full-Stack Laravel Developer.
The City of Summerside is working with UK based OpenPlay that is currently expanding to Summerside, Prince Edward Island and looking for qualified IT Specialists to support its growing operations.
December 12, 2018: You Can’t Start a Fire Without a Spark
Investment attraction is a function of facilitating the growth of the local economy through two distinct streams: encouraging expansion and reinvestment of existing business and generating new investment from outside business.
November 09, 2018: Challenges & Opportunities — Your view of the future is of great importance to our City
It is an undeniable truth that the success of existing Summerside businesses is inexorably linked to the prosperity of this entire region.
November 08, 2018: City of Summerside Economic Development Launches Survey to Establish Business Priorities
City of Summerside, PEI – The City of Summerside Economic Development has officially launched a new Business Retention & Expansion (BR + E) survey.