Labour Force

In Prince Edward Island companies have profited from a high degree of stability and productivity in the workforce. Key drivers of successful business are the work ethics, stability and single digit turnover in the island workforce. This provides enterprise with a competitive advantage in our strategic sectors.

Advantages for businesses in Prince Edward Island

  • The second highest worker participation rate in Canada. This means employers have ready access to full time workers.
  • Comprehensive recruitment support
  • One of the lowest rates of days lost per worker in Canada
  • An average job tenure rate of 8.5 years
  • Seasonally adjusted unemployment rate of 10%

Summerside’s economy continues to diversify. As it does, employment attraction intensifies. Economic growth, in turn, is met with increased community support for diversification.

Employers in Summerside have access to excellent services supporting recruitment, training, and skills upgrading.

Increasing the expertise of a workforce is a key element in corporate growth. With the support of forward-looking, provincial and federal educational partners, Summerside’s collaborative approach to workforce development ensures that the labour needs of all employers are met.

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