Foreign direct investment
in Summerside

You’ll make more money in Summerside

The City of Summerside’s unique municipally-owned infrastructure and progressive business environment presents distinct advantages over every other Atlantic designation. It is the perfect gateway for foreign companies to expand globally while gaining a foothold in North American markets.

Located on Canada’s east coast — in the province of Prince Edward Island—the City of Summerside is widely recognized as a leader and early adopter of innovation and investment in specific and growing sectors. It is a small place with very big things to offer.

Summerside leverages its success across many sectors—including Aerospace, IT, Renewable Energy, and Mid-Stage Start-Ups—with the objective of growing evermore present in International markets.

Here’s why it has to be Summerside

Pro-growth leadership — including an interconnected network of senior collaborators and industry experts, plus public and private investors, that brings all key players into the “same room.”

Big think — unique Living Lab assets including research, development, and partnerships to support investment in green and alternative energy, waste management technology, and connectivity.

Lifestyle — ideal work/life balance, minimal commuting time; recreational, cultural and entertainment services throughout the province, plus a shared sense of community in a very attractive seaside setting.

Low cost / low risk — a promising strategy for a manageable entry into North America.

Lower production / ownership cost — beta testing of new technologies and products permits “Fail First, Fail Fast” in addition to “Fail Cheap” advantages, which accelerate the development cycle and reduce risk and cost. Plus ready access to customers for product validation.

Employee retention — lower turnover and wage burden relative to other North American cities.

Collaborative focus — including creative partnerships with a wide range of professional organizations.

Time zone advantage — for online / phone-based service companies with two shifts 8:00 am to 8:00 pm, customers can be served during all normal business hours in all time zones across Canada and the U.S.

The best country in the world for global investment

  • Canada is the best country for global investment, it’s a fact
  • Canada has international relations beyond its borders including over 1.5 billion customers in 51 countries
  • Canada has trade agreements, allowing a fluid global market, with the United States, Mexico, the European Union, United Kingdom and Pacific countries
  • Access to Canada’s global trade markets is facilitated through a robust and sophisticated infrastructure of over 26 major airports with international connections, over 17 seaports and 117 border crossings for efficient and timely movement of goods and services
  • Talent is the foundation of Canadian enterprise and Canada is the most educated country in the world
  • Canada enjoys stability with political, banking and corruption indices atop the global economy
  • Investment in Scientific Research and Innovation is at the fore front of growing Canada’s economy
  • Canada continues to rank in the Top 5 countries in the world for quality of life
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