Eco Systems

Summerside is widely recognized as a leader and early adopter of green technologies. Our unique municipally owned infrastructure, combined with a business environment that encourages innovation, distinguishes us from other communities in Atlantic Canada.

Some of our many green initiatives include:

  • A State-of-the Art Wind Farm
  • Energy Efficiency & Smart Grid
  • A Fleet of Electric Vehicles
  • Green Building Practices
  • Eco-friendly Waste and Water Treatment

A commitment to sustainable development and technologies is a driving force in the policies of the City of Summerside. Our businesses and residents expect it. Sustainability makes both fiscal and environmental sense. It is a pillar of our approach to renewable initiatives and economic development in our community.

Eco City

The City of Summerside is looking ahead to more innovation in the green technology sector by building on the infrastructure already developed. Across North America communities look to Summerside as a best practice model for leveraging sustainable green development as an integral part of an economic development strategy.

The variety of potential applications that can be developed and tested in a real-life environment in Summerside are endless. A few that resonate with existing priorities and key investments are:

  • Electric Storage and Grid Integration
  • Electric Vehicles (including Bus and Passenger Vehicle)
  • Electric Car Charger Solutions with Battery Storage
  • Security and Surveillance
  • Appliance Control
  • Residential Environmental Controls
  • Smart Home Innovation
  • Medical Home Care Solutions
  • Solar Energy Integration
  • Bio Fuel from Waste
  • Advanced IT Development
  • Interoperability for Big Data
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Let’s Build The Future Together!

Summerside is seeking partners and firms wishing to exploit its built infrastructure to further their business development, establish a presence in North America and grow markets through applied deployment in real world settings. To find out more about how to engage in our existing projects and become a partner in our ambitious initiatives, contact the Department of Economic Development, City of Summerside. We welcome inquiries about our living lab environment where economic assumptions and forward-looking technology can be tested, verified and proven in a real-world setting.

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