community overview

Summerside is a small community with big ambitions.

Summerside is home to over 600 successful companies. Among them are enterprises in diverse sectors of commerce from manufacturing to business services, transportation to retail trade and education to human services.

Diversity in businesses fosters stability and the manageable size of Summerside’s commercial environment nurtures agility. 75 per cent of Summerside’s enterprises have between 1 and 10 employees. 25 percent of the community’s businesses are large corporate and public institutions.

Summerside, The City to Watch

Summerside is well-known by potential investors, site selectors and business leaders. For all of them it is “the city to watch” for growth and excellence in infrastructure.

The city has developed one of the lowest cost operating environments in Canada. It is ideal for investment in state-of-the- art technology and a wide variety of other businesses. For companies already calling it home, Summerside continues to surprise. It always meets and exceeds the needs of entrepreneurs. Growth and development are nurtured by dynamic networks formed by business and community leaders. The members of these networks are energetic community ambassadors promoting investment and commercial growth.

The business environment of Summerside is infused with entrepreneurial thinking. State-of-the art technology is embraced as a driver for innovation. The business leaders of Summerside have succeeded in transforming a vision into a reality. They continue to be a driving force in facilitating commercial development.

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