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Lockeshire Corp

Address: 129 Water street
City: Charlottetown
Phone: 9028083314
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Contact person: Michael Lok
Contact title: General Manager
Parent company name: Lockeshire Corp
Year Established: 2020


Lockeshire is proud to be the distributor of the Merus Ring of Germany in 2020. It is an innovative technology that has been widely used worldwide to tackle water problems like limescale, corrosion, rust, hardness, biofilm and buildup since 1996 both in residential and industrial markets.


We provide water treatment services specializing in the reduction of rust, corrosion, lime scale, buildup, bacteria, algae, marine growth, biofilm and biofouling of water pipes both for residential and industrial uses. With the installation of Merus Ring, an innovative technology from Germany, customers would be able to deal with all kinds of challenges caused by water. Thanks to Molecular Oscillation Technology, the Merus Ring does not require any salt or power to operate hence it is no doubt a very cost efficient and environmental friendly solution for our customers! Please get your first hand experience through our 3 MONTHS FREE TRIAL!!!