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Sweet Spot Marketing Canada

Address: 155 Central Street
City: Summerside, PE C1N 3L7
Phone: 902 724 3330
Fax: 902-724-3331
Twitter: @sweetmarketing
Other websites:
Contact person: Nancy Beth Guptill
Contact title: Owner
Year Established: 2008


Founded in 2008, Sweet Spot Marketing Canada specializes in small business marketing and business development training, coaching and consulting services. We work with government, industry organizations and corporate business who serve sector specific entrepreneurs, small business and commodity groups. We work with our clients to develop customized training programs tailored to the specific and unique needs of the industry and business sector. In consultation with clients, we develop customized training programs that include a combination of live training, webinars and e-learning coaching and support using online project management software, VOIP technology and three e-learning membership sites. One-learning program focuses on small business start-up, another focuses on small business marketing and development, and the third focuses on Online Internet Marketing. While the marketing and business development training programs are topic specific, an underlying goal is to teach participants the principles and methodologies of how to develop marketing systems that produce predictable results, and can be applied to any marketing and business development initiative that is undertaken by the business. We also provide consulting and coaching services to government, industry groups and corporate business. We work on a project by project basis or on long-term contracts as an outsourced, fully integrated traditional and digital marketing department.


PRIMARY SERVICES Keynote Speaker Customized Consulting & Coaching Services – Traditional Marketing – Digital & Social Media Marketing – Mobile Text & SMS Marketing – Event & Tradeshow Marketing – Media & Public Relations – Content & Messaging – Audits & Assessments – Blueprints & Roadmaps – Strategy & Tactical Plans – Primary & Secondary Research – Client Audits & Interviews Customized Workshop Development & Delivery - Curriculum Development - Workshop Delivery & Support - Workshop Booklet and Handouts - Feedback Form / Exit Survey - Unlimited Email and Telephone Support - Unlimited online coaching through a dedicated marketing coaching website E-Learning Memberships: Start-Up, Business Development & Internet Marketing – Business Start-up Academy: – Business Development Academy: – Internet & Digital Marketing Academy: VALUE ADD SERVICES: Event Marketing & Attendance Boosting Event Marketing & Attendance Boosting Services - Event Landing Page & Enrolment - Pre-Marketing Campaign - Pre-Workshop Knowledge Survey - Attendance Boosting Primary Research Summary Report - Pre-Workshop Knowledge Survey - Post-Workshop Exit Survey

Imports: No
Exports: No
Full time jobs: 1
Part time jobs: 3
% Workforce Local: 100
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