Summerside is a perfect location for business — providing;

  • accessible technology
  • adaptable human resources through local institutions and programs that produce graduates with requisite workforce capabilities
  • available business financing through access to institutions that provide capital support for development and expansions
  • adequate physical infrastructure facilities through roads, air, and sea and other distribution networks
  • advanced communications with variety and choice in the high-speed/broadband marketplace
  • favourable business climate (in terms of tax, regulatory, and administrative requirements) that fosters growth and development

Quality of life is attainable by offering affordable housing, exceptional health care, and access to a range of recreation and cultural activities.

Aerospace Sector Overview

Summerside’s aerospace industry continues to reach new heights, contributing to Prince Edward Island’s diverse economy. Some of the best-known names in aerospace have chosen Prince Edward Island. Honeywell Engines Systems and Services, Airbus – Vector Aerospace, MDS Coating Technologies Corporation, Testori, TubeFab Inc., and Tronos Canada Inc. all have operations in Summerside.

Runway: 06-24 (8,000’ x 200’)
Fuel: Jet A-1 (FS11 additive available) / Avgas (100LL)
Heated Hangars: 33,000 – 88,000 sq ft. with 30-50 ft. ceilings and door opening of 150+ ft.

Slemon Park

Home to Specialized Training Facilities

Slemon Park is one of the most complete and cost-efficient training destinations in Canada. Home to the Canadian Centre for Public Safety Excellence, Slemon Park provides a specialized training facility for public safety and law enforcement organizations. A one-of-a-kind training centre, it combines skill-based competencies, academically sound curriculum, and state-of-the-art physical infrastructure, which includes indoor and outdoor firing ranges, indoor and outdoor scenario-based training buildings, a private airport for driver training, and use of force and driving simulators. For more information, please visit

Hospitality services including private or semi-private accommodations, and food services with meal plan options are available from the Slemon Park Hotel and Anson’s Restaurant, located adjacent to the training centre. Recreational facilities are also available on site. The centre offers the complete public safety training solution.

A Premier Air, MRO, and Training Hub of Atlantic Canada

Summerside boasts the unique offering of Slemon Park — a premier business centre that features 600 hectares of prime industrial property, more than 50,000 square metres of state-of-the-art manufacturing (component and sub-assembly within OEM supply-chain aviation training), pilot and aircrew, airport management, and aviation-related training. Some of the most recognizable names and leaders in the industry today have chosen Summerside and call Slemon Park home:

  • Honeywell Engines Systems and Services
  • Airbus – Vector Aerospace Engine Services Atlantic
  • Testori Americas Corp.
  • MDS Coating Technologies
  • Tronos Canada Inc.

Slemon Park has also incorporated facilities and amenities to lower your total operating costs, increase access to training, and foster productivity in an inviting and convenient environment.

Summerside Airport — A Full-Service Facility

Summerside Airport services private, corporate, charter, and military clients, as well as our aerospace and manufacturing tenants. Our airport complements the thriving businesses that call Slemon Park home. Summerside Airport advantages:

  • A full-service FBO
  • Runway: 8,000 x 200 feet
  • No scheduled passenger traffic; readily available air space for training, etc.
  • Low landing and facility fees
  • Quick turnaround time and quality, friendly service
  • 300+ VFR days per year
  • Automated Weather Observing System
  • Extensive ramp space

Our Unique Benefits

Prince Edward Island provides a very competitive business case with savings between 5–20% depending on industry segment; access to a ready, willing, and able workforce; and some very specific and unique aerospace infrastructure (airport, hangars, and services). Home for more than 20 years to Honeywell and Airbus centres for Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) operations.

Slemon Park is the provincial focal point for the aerospace industry in the Province of Prince Edward Island. Slemon Park is home to 20% of the manufacturing industry in the province. With a future focus on further development of the Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO), Tier 2&3 manufacturing, and aviation-related training industry subsectors.

  • Airframe MRO
  • Engine and Engine Accessories
  • Avionics
  • Manufacturing (T2/3)
  • Component and Sub-assembly
  • Aviation Training
  • Pilot Training
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