A True Government

The City of Summerside is committed to an ongoing partnership between government and enterprise. This partnership is one of our core municipal values.

We work with entrepreneurs and businesses. We are with you every step of the way as your business benefits from all of Summerside’s advantages. Support for your company continues long after your enterprise has established roots in Summerside.

Here's what having a true government partner means to us:

  • All levels of government work together seamlessly in an agile business environment without red tape.
  • Locating or expanding your operations in Summerside can be done quickly. New enterprises can be up and running much more rapidly than in most North American cities.
  • Access to decision and policy makers is much more rapid and productive than in larger centres.
  • Because of our small size, our partnerships with postsecondary institutions allow businesses to customize programs to meet their skills training needs.
“We’re not talking simply about financial assistance. It extends as far as issues associated with public policy and taxation policy. The ability to work with three different levels of government simultaneously – I really think this is the model that other jurisdictions need to emulate if they want to enjoy the success that Summerside and PEI have had. It really is just a very simple environment in which to do business.”
Brian Thompson, Vector Aerospace
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